Maya is so darn fun

So just had to say it somewhere and this seemed appropriate.
In my previous BL2 life I mained Gaige and still love her dearly, while my Maya was a dedicated nurse and support toon with my online friends.
But I started my cataclysm spec lvl 30 maya in TVHM last night and…wow
Running a binder com with a purple cool down relic the Warrior gifted me and things just…die
I’m still very glass cannon and will be working my way down harmony to address that as I progress but I’m just having a really good time with her.
Many thanks to the frequent contributors in this section, the info contain herein has been invaluable to my making informed decisions on gear and skill selection, as well as providing insight to play style that has led to last night being the best session I’ve played since picking up THC.