Maya Level 72 Lost in Digital Space

I purchased an XBox One three months ago and merged XBox 360 Borderlands with XBox One at Level 72 (playing Maya). Everything had been going fine until today. After I saved a session in BL2, quit the game and restarted, Maya came up as a Level 1 new character. The Level 72 character had disappeared - and pressing the Y button showed only a Level 1. I rebooted the console and started over - same thing happened. So, I tried to restore from the Cloud and it returned the Level 72 that I had originally merged from the XBox 360, not the current Level 72.

I called XBox One support and they said that probably some data corruption occurred in a Cloud sync. OK, data can get corrupted. So, I asked if it was possible to get a game file with a time stamp before the event happened. The answer was NO. We can do time-stamped recovery of files on a PC, why not with a game? As much as I enjoy playing a good game, like Borderlands 2, it’s difficult to loop back to three months prior and rebuild this character.

Time-stamped, data persistence and recovery may be an opportunity in the game space.

It sounds like the transferred character (on Xbox One) was stored locally on the Xbox One’s HDD and not in the Cloud. Something happened, during the save process, to cause that character’s data to become corrupted. That explains why the old character (from 3 months ago) was restored from the Cloud. If that is the case, then unfortunately there is nothing Microsoft or GBX could do to restore your character. Even if that is not the case, the game would not save multiple versions of your character in the Cloud.

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My only suggestion is that at certain level caps I delete the back up on my HD and copy the cloud save to it, meaning that if a file every gets corrupted at least I wont have lost too much progress…

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Thanks for the replies. XBox One is dependent upon automated Cloud syncs. If there is data corruption on a HDD, it can revert to the original merged state - as in my case. There are no earlier (pre-glitch event), time-stamped game files that a player can access on the HDD and use for a new sync update in the Cloud. At least, I couldn’t find a way to do that. Cloud syncing is the method. So, we need some kind of safety net. SHIFT may be a solution, if it could also function as a record / account of all gear acquired by a player over time and a way to restore lost gear.

Could using a portable thumb drive be an option?

A compatible external storage drive can be set up on XBO.

Games can be moved to an external HDD using the Manage feature. Game saves, however, are stored in the Cloud and synced to the XBO console. Those saves cannot be transported to an external device. It’s Fly-by-Wire Cloud synching between the console and XBox Live. If data become corrupted on a HDD during a sync, the Fly-by-Wire method will re-sync from the Cloud. In the case of the ported XB360 version of Borderlands for XBO, the character that I was able to re-install from the Cloud was the original merged character from 3 months earlier, not a later pre-glitch event character. Otherwise, I would have had to restart the game at Level 1. I hope someone in software dev at XBox and/or GBX will take a look at this.