Maya OP2 - Help?

So, I’ve been playing BL2 off and on for years. Just recently managed to get Maya to 72, and even managed to succeed at Digistruct Peak a couple times. So now, I’m at OP2, but I’m having some difficulty proceeding.

I’m using Derch’s Twisted Pimp build (Though my gear’s not there yet… I’ve only got the one Pimpernel, and no Twister or Bekah)

Gear (guns and Bee are OP2):
Pimpernel (corrosive)
Unkempt Harold (doesn’t have DP though)
Legendary Siren
The Bee (Don’t have a Blockade yet)
Bone of the Ancients (corrosive)

Every time I get to the Assassins in Digistruct Peak, I go down. And the rest of the time, I feel like I’m struggling just to survive. I’ve seen lots of recommended gear for OP8 builds, but usually that gear seems to require farming raid bosses (which if I’m having this much difficulty on the peak…). Plus, how many resets are people doing to get 2-3 Pimpernels/Sandhawks one in each element, and then replacing them every 2 OP levels?

Is there something obvious I’m missing? How much farming is enough? What did other people do to get to OP8?

Oh, and on side-note: I’m not interested in glitches and exploits. Don’t tell me I can bypass the level by phasing through walls, or that I can farm such and such a boss easily by merging weapons. I’d rather play the game :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s lots to say here but I’ll start first by saying welcome to the forum :grin:
The Hellfire and all fire weapons are a poor match for the Peak :

Real quick, corrosive works best on almost all enemies but poorest on spiderants. Shock works best on spiderants. Oney is resistant to explosive ( so no Unkempt Harold on him ). Wot is resistant to shock.

The loot train in the How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day DLC is an ideal place to get on-level purple gear ( Hyperion shotgun or SMG for example ). The pond in Frostburn Canyon for a Lascaux - seriously worth it. Hope this a start.

Good news - neither is anyone else on this forum.


Awesome. Really glad to hear that :blush:

Gotcha, I’ll ditch the Hellfire then (it was a drop from Scorch last time I tried the OP2 Peak).

I guess I had just been assuming that going forward Purples were trash. I’ll get on the Loot Train then. Also, good catch on the Lascaux. Is it still viable, even though it’s non-elemental?

Also, Is there a general consensus about which purple shields for Maya are best? My guess would be Adaptive or Turtle for the survivability.

Most purples are fantastic in caparison to Legendaries - Maliwan & Jakobs snipers for example. Non-elemental is really not an issue when you’re spewing out as many bullets as the Lascaux does. It also negates the Peak elemental weirdness so you don’t have to think about it.

Thread link that may help:

Gear without raiding:
Purple, high capacity turtle shield
Bee (for D’s Mom and Saturns)
Hammer Buster
Grog nozzle
Shock singularity with low or 0.0 fuse, underlevel is fine

Mission reward gear:
Lady Fist (any or no element)

Lady Fist or SandHawk are your go-to guns vs D’s Mom. On a given playthrough, take one of them. Save the other for when you need to upgrade. My suggestion is updating the SandHawk at OP6 for Saturns, then just upgrading your Bee after that.

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Thanks for the recommendations. Are the Hornet/Hammer Buster/Lyuda for any specific enemies, or are they just generally good mobbing weapons? I got a Hornet just now in a couple minutes, and was wondering whether I need to go get the other two also or if they fill the same role.

For the low OP levels, the hornet should be fine. The advantage of others is different ammo pools, even if they do the same job. I like to stand on the right side of the arena to start and prioritize taking down Reeth as I think he’s the most dangerous. What platform are you playing on. PC or PS3 is easy to get multiple sand hawks etc., PS4 less so, dunno about XBox


Do you play on Xbox One? If so, I can help sometime get you to OP8 granted I am at OP8 currently (cant do the skip, have a commando)

I’m on PC. Thanks for the offer though. I kinda want to see if I can do it on my own :slight_smile:


Ah ok. No problem :slight_smile:

BTW, H-Dad mentioned shock singularity grenades and definitely second this. A Quasar in the Assassin arena is a massive help in controlling them. At the beginning I just planned on using all 10.

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[quote=“aarondeemer, post:4, topic:1555847”]Is it still viable, even though it’s non-elemental?[/quote]A trick question! Seriously though, I’m constantly surprised at how well the Lascaux does. At your current levels, if nothing else is easy, that should be fine. For higher levels (maybe OP5 and up?), I’d consider something with a little more kick. Still - it’s an easy grab.

[quote=“aarondeemer, post:10, topic:1555847”]I’m on PC.[/quote]I play at OP3, and am constantly selling off exceptional weaponry. If you would like something at the OP3 level for when you get there, I am down to farm/buy it for you (I have Seraph Crystals and am looking for excuses to buy things with them for the Shady Dealings challenge). At least one of my characters has the ‘Don’t Copy that Floppy’ mission available too.

I loved seeing your post about wanting to do it on your own. Posting on reddit regularly inspired me to make this:

I respect it when people earn it.

As for your questions about weapons, the ammunition pool answer was part of the big picture. I typically use something for trash, and save a designated gun for particular enemies. For example, banking sniper ammo for using the Lyuda against Scorches, or for pouring on headshots early in the Assassins fight. To do that, I may use a Hemmer Buster to kill spider ants, and the Hornet for surveyors, etc.


On PC, you can bring in a second character, a mule, give the quest reward item like the Sandhawk to the mule. Have the mule save and quit, so it will save it in its inventory, then have the main character quit without saving so the game doesn’t remember that you picked it up. You can do this infinitely to get whatever elemental Pimps, Sandhawks, etc. you want from the quest reward. You can then bring the mule back in to the game at any point and dump off the gear to your main character.

Reeth and Rouf are my top priorities when it comes to the assassins. They’re both in your face if they get the chance, and that breaks the Bee. Take both out ASAP, and you should find the other two much less difficult.

Even though all enemies in the Peak are tough, some are tougher. It’s important to have a plan before you enter each area. Take out the enemies that can really hurt you first. Be wary of your surroundings. Where are the rest of the enemies and where can you duck for cover? Two very important things to keep an eye on at all times.

Twisted Pimp is a great build that works very well everywhere. With the Bee, it gets much more squishy. Like any other build. If you’re gonna use the Bee as your default shield, then I’d recommend you switch to a Bee-Hawk build. I did the Peak like that, and it worked quite well. Died a few times, ofc, but that’s to be expected. It is, after all, The PEAK. :slight_smile: If you wanna stick to the Twisted Pimp, you need a more tanky shield. Antagonist would be my first choice if Blockade was off the table. It’s still available from the Seraph vendor in Flamerock Refuge, correct?


For a Bee-Hawk build, all you really need are Sandhawk, Bee, Cat COM and a BoA, and you’re good to go. Quasar is the default grenade for any build there, but since effect you seek is crowd control, then any singularity will work.

For the not-so-twisted Pimp build, you have the Pimp but nothing else. Harold is great even without DP prefix, so stick with it. There are also some other very powerful shotties out there. Quads, Ravagers, Jolly Roger, Triquetra, CC and so on…

Even though you’ll be using the Pimp a lot, you’ll still need something to back it up with. Something that you can keep enemies at a distance with. The obvious choice is an SMG. Good damage, good accuracy (on most) and also a big ammo pool. When you farm for a new Pimp, you can also farm for a new Sandhawk. It’s really great against Saturn along with the Bee. For the rest of it, I’d pick a Bitch. It’s super accurate, and packs a heavy punch. If you want some healing to go along, there’s always Good Touch and Bad Touch. Just keep in mind that you can only get the Bad Touch once.

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I generally agree with @Ronnie_Rayburn, but I’d actually disagree about how best to BeeHawk the Peak, if you opt to do that. The Bee is a weak defensive shield, and is only good when it’s up. To offset the deficiencies, builds (like the Twisted Pimp) with Life Tap can be helpful, and I would go with the cooldown from L Siren over the extra damage from the L Cat all day. That extra damage is almost always overkill, while the cooldown makes it easier to keep the Bee up.

IMO, the two best ways to BeeHawk the Peak are Twisted Pimp skill distribution + L Siren, or a Sub-Sequence build with L Siren. You’d switch to L Cat for Saturns, and possibly D’s Mom.

You’ll see speed run videos showing the L Cat, but those guys know the Peak inside out, and are often pre-firing at spawn-ins. Once you know it to that level, L Cat ftw. Until then, L Siren is probably going to get you a higher rate of success-- especially in crowded areas, like the 4x Assassins area.

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I prefer the L. Binder, but just my opinion.

L Binder is great. My specific reason for not preferring it is that I only run it with Sub-Sequence, and the extra Suspension can suck when SS chases flyers. With the L Siren, I get PL back quicker, and spend less time watching it fly away.

This is splitting hairs, of course. I do occasionally use the L Binder.

Good point. I love subsequence. So I run it most of the time. I just feel like I get more out of Reaper and Wreck than I do Accelerate and Mind’s Eye.