Maya player from b2

Hey. Loved to play maya in b2 With her phaselock on the enemy, can we do this With amara in b3?

One of Amara’s three action skills is Phasegrasp

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Between the different variations of Phasegrasp, all the different augments you can equip and 3 different elemental damage types for the skill I think this will be the best version of Phaselock. One of her aguments makes it so enemies damaged by her action skills will be locked in place so you can Mix and match too!!! Another argument is basically Converge letting you bump your CC game even farther.

I’m very happy that I can make use of Phasegrasp in mobbing or co-op scenarios without being worried that there is a chance said skill is of no use on a particular boss. As a Siren main for both bl1 and 2 I’m super pumped to put Amara to the test!!