Maya questions for late-game

I’ve been running through Digistruct Peak, and I have to say that it’s challenging. I just had a few questions.

  1. How many points should I have in Life Tap? I have 5/5 right now, but I feel like it might not be necessary if I don’t plan on using Scorn (which I probably won’t).

  2. If I use things like the Pimpernel and Interfacer, is it just better to have 0/5 in Accelerate? Or can I get away with putting in 1 with a Legendary Siren COM?

  1. I would always have 5/5 because the skill is so great. However, Derch might say otherwise.

  2. An Interfacer you can get away with, just have to relearn the meeting point, but increased velocity hurts the Pimp because it’s orbs shoot farther from the original target, reducing the likelihood of hitting them.

Probably not

I said that because I don’t play at OP levels, and Life Tap might scale the same way Restoration does in OP levels; meaning that less points are necessary to have the same effect it would take at OP0, if I worded that properly.

You’re right,up to 3 if your using scorn, 1 if your not.

On accelerate, I find 1 point to get 6/5 is ok. 5/5 accelerate is 1/5 velocity in terms of bullet speed.