Maya the TEDIORE Tank!


I found effective methods are possible with Sal and Maya as a result of studying the builds of TEDIORE.

I usually introduce the build I found in video rather than text. It was because the superficial information could be instantly perceived, explanations that require more insight can be made easier to communicate by using the videos as a material.

But I’d like to make a text-based version of my previous post that I wrote that way. It is not that there is a problem with the video-based description, but that my previous post is unorganized with each new contents added whenever there was progress, before all the research results are solidified.

I’d like to introduce one of the three things I found. Now let’s see what it is.:no_mouth:


  • “This build exploits the Tediore reload mechanic (which basically turns the gun into a thrown grenade). Tediore builds are more common with Axton and Krieg. It is a very different way of playing the game - tossing guns as grenades instead of shooting them. I had not considered doing this with Maya but, on reflection, it’s not a crazy idea at all.” (From @VaultHunter101 in my previous post.)

  • The basic precautions of the TEDIORE build : You shouldn’t be in the blast radius of the gun you throw. When you use BabyMaker, you don’t enter a radius where the babies can pop out and drop. I mean at any time, Even if the radius looks so peaceful. Otherwise, most of your deaths will be suicide.

  • And I brought @Adabiviak 's comment below. “does the audience know how to get the most out of a Baby Maker? As in, if you toss it at the feet or low on the body of an enemy, the child weapons should spawn in such a way that their flight path brings them in contact with the target, so the player gets 2x - 4x (the child count is random up to three children) reload damage? If they bounce away, the Baby Maker is as good as any Tediore SMG’s reload toss, so dialing in this throw is key to using that weapon.”

2 What makes TEDIORE build special?

  • In fact, the special skill set for TEDIORE is less specific than those for other manufacturers. This is because the mag capacity and reload speed, two important factors of the chuck, are generally important when using other weapons also.
    So, what makes Chuck build special?

  • It reveals its merits by not the way you consume skill points for something, but by not spending. What sets the TEDIORE build apart and benefits you is that the skills involved in the shooting itself is no longer important. By getting your hands on TEDIOREs, you’re completing a richer Skill composition.

  • Ensuring that you have plenty of skill points is the strength and speciality of TEDIORE build. :slightly_smiling_face: Use them to make more colorful skills and to make her stronger.

3 The most extreme Tank build-TEDIORE Tank

A. Name of the build

It is TEDIORE Tank, and naming from @Enderborn1
I’m not good at naming the builds I found. it is hard to combine words that can embody its characteristics.

But this name is fantastic. It expresses its characteristics well by combining TEDIORE and TANK. This is because Maya’s build, which is the most viable and durable, can produce the highest level of DPS only when it meets TEDIORE.:+1:

And these are the gears that this build needs.

B. Gears

  • TEDIORE Guns : The best is Baby Maker. The babies it produces guarantee very high DPS. The next best thing is the E-Tech pistol. It is the safest kind with the narrowest blast radius, with the fairly high DPS. And among the shotguns is the Shotgun Supreme with a TORGUE barrel. It is the strongest of its kind and has a fairly wide explosion range, making it efficient to deal with multiple enemies located at one point. This build consumes so much ammunition that it is important to minimize its weakness by using various types of weapons evenly. Rocket launchers are the kind I haven’t used, but I think using Slag E-Tech’s would be better than not.

  • Matriarch COM : This assures her best viability as it offers an additional HP and bonus points of her three self-healing skills. And because it extends the Mag size up to 48%, it helps strengthen the DPS of TEDIORE reload. (Purple Angelic is the best)

  • Evolution : I forgot the configuration of parts providing the highest resistance as 86% and the most additional HP. (And @Jefe’s hint from the comment below is “A good mix can be gotten with Maliwan, Tediore and Hyperion parts. The capacity is bad but the Tediore part improves the recharge delay and rate ; and the Hyperion part greatly improves the delay.”) The very composition of the Evolution is recommended for this build.

  • Blood of Ancients : Among the three types of guns at TEDIORE, it is recommended to increase the ammunition reserves of SMG and Hand gun, which are highly utilized. And of course, the higher the HP value, the better.

  • Magic Missile : This build does not use a guns capable of slag. That is not good for both DPS and survival goals. Therefore, the slag is solved with the Scorn and the grenade. And it is good enough with them.(But you can use slag weapons. Why not? :slightly_smiling_face:)

C. Skills

I changed the composition from my previous build. That was good enough, but it wasn’t completely extreme. So I added Recompense and Helios.

This is TEDORE Tank


  • The most important topic here is Thoughts Lock. It is not an essential factor in general. However, build for extreme viability must be included. It provides the enemy with one more target. When it is activated, Converge acts pulls your enemies in, and you lose your position as the number one target.

  • Suspension makes TL’s time longer, helping your safety longer, and amplifying Elated’s advantage of ensuring 10% HP recovery per second. And inertia is a very useful Skill. It increase the DPS by increasing the reload speed and start the recovery of the shield. But I invested only three points in this, considering other more important things. If you are not going to do TimeTrial, faster reload speeds are less important, and the recovery of shields is enough to protect Fire/Corrosive’s DOT.


  • The most important topic here will be the Life Tap. Especially when the level of the game is high, its excellence soar past the atmosphere. When this skill is in action, she becomes in possession of a TEDIORE gun that Moxxi intervened in its manufacture. Aside from the attacks your intention has made, it creates synergies with auto-generated damage by Kinetic Reflection and Recompense, helping the viability toward immortality.

  • Sweet Release, Restoration, Elated, Sustenance. Points that invested in these skills help Life Tap together to complete the TEDIORE Tank. Among them, only Sustenance had the advantage of operating normally (when TL, LT not activated), but the effect was relatively insignificant, so just one point invested to make it 5/5.


  • Foresight purely elevates the DPS. Helios and Cloud Kill are simultaneously effect on Life Tap’s healing capabilities. Of the two, the Cloud Kill is very powerful.

  • I got the theories that Flicker affects slag probability of Scorn. And my feelings agree with that. Further, I feel Flicker also influences the probability of a grenade. Then, instead of Helios, Flicker would be a good choice.

4 The important things with this build in battle.

  • The most important tactic is to maintain the Life Tap. The next important thing is that you should be able to activate the Thoughts Lock when there is no Life Tap.

  • And you should always be careful of suicide. It’s not the other thing that can kill you with a single attack, it’s the gun you have in your hand.

5 Supplementary explanations

I will explain this by taking the contents of my previous post.

Q1. Is this the hardest Siren?

  • Yes. Her HP of more than 3.1 million of this build is the largest number that can not be made by any combination of other gears, and her own recovery that Elated, Sustenance and Life Tap’s Skill Bonus can’t reach with other COMs.

  • The combination of these skills restores 13.6% of maximum HP per second with only two skills, Elated and Sustenance, under best/worst conditions. That’s about 430,000 HP(This result is belong to previous build). If you have 5/5 Sweet Release, it could easily reach a figure of over a million in a second.

Q2. Why does this toughest Siren become reasonable by working with TEDIORE?

  • What makes Siren the most viable is the combination of Thoughts Lock and Skills, which maximizes self-healing. This way, she must give up things that raise her gun damage.

  • However, this Matriarch COM increases the damage of the TEDIORE reload by 48% with bigger Mag size. Only this method allows maximum durability and the highest level of DPS.

Q3. Is there anything to criticize about this build?

  • Of course there’s criticism. First of all, she doesn’t need this build if she’s got a gun from Moxxi like GN. In fact, it is true that Moxxi’s guns depreciate the value of all the characters’ self-healing skills. That way, we can get more skills.

  • However, there is no drop in DPS from swapping weapons for self-healing with this build. If Life Tap is activated, it is because the guns at TRDIORE, which exerts great DPS, all act like Moxxi’s.(Nevertheless, of course you can use GN. :wink:)

  • Because of the Life Tap, the efficiency of the build that maximizes this viability can be criticized. In fact, the higher the level, the higher the efficiency of her Life Tap rises dramatically. When her level reaches OP8, the 1/5 Life Tap alone can be a great self-healing when attacks like the Cloud Kill or TEDIORE reload are hit.That is, things other than the single point of investment in Life Tap can be judged to be wasteful.

  • However, the fatal problem of survival occurs when fighting does not go as planned. You don’t always hit the enemy so hard when Life Tap is activated.There will often be situations when your chucks fail or there will be no enemies within the powerful Cloud Kill radius.In that case, the over investment of Skill Points serves as a guarantee of your survival.

6 Showcase

I think what’s in my previous post is enough. The last showcase there is the closest thing to this build. I expect this build to be more viable because of the two newly constructed Skills. There are two other builds in the post that may be useful for reference. :wink:


Looks fantastic and great layout


Thanks. I tried.


Don’t be modest, friendo. You succeeded. :smile:
Great write up with good explanations of decisions made, and easy to follow. Keep spreading the gospel of Tediore. I’ll attend every sermon. :+1: :+1:


Thanks mate.:slightly_smiling_face:


Scorn and Life Tap instead of Ruin (in tandem with Thoughtlock) are a different direction than I went with Tediore siren. I ‘force’ myself to use two different builds for my two sirens (the other being Hyperion), but if I was going to use a single build on a single siren, it would be very close to the one above (I shoot the Tediore weapons more than I throw them).

Also - does the audience know how to get the most out of a Baby Maker? As in, if you toss it at the feet or low on the body of an enemy, the child weapons should spawn in such a way that their flight path brings them in contact with the target, so the player gets 2x - 4x (the child count is random up to three children) reload damage? If they bounce away, the Baby Maker is as good as any Tediore SMG’s reload toss, so dialing in this throw is key to using that weapon. Also: the Gunerang is no slouch, but only on impact from the return flight of a reload toss.

When I was first climbing Digistruct Peak with each of my allegiance characters, my Tediore siren was second only to Torgue commando in terms of how far they each got before they had to break allegiance and lean on other gear/players to progress… she does work.


Maliwan parts offer the highest special effect gains.

A good mix can be gotten with Maliwan, Tediore and Hyperion parts. The capacity is bad but the Tediore part improves the recharge delay and rate ; and the Hyperion part greatly improves the delay.

That combo would drop resistance down to ~77%. So it’s a decision whether you want more health or better recharge.

As always kbk, a stellar build - well thought out and nicely presented.

:+1: :+1: :+1:


Nice job! Looks like we have a new Tank Girl character!


These are very informative. I didn’t point it out in the post, but your generosity has made the audience able to keep track of them.:slightly_smiling_face:

And speaking of personal D-Peak experience, Chuck wasn’t very good there. Sal had to use almost all of his ammunition to execute less than five Badasses. Badass Slag Spiderant had absorbed a huge number of TEDIORE guns. It seemed to me that the glutton enjoyed them as a snack.

And seeing you after a long time reminds me of Co-Op with you months ago. By then I had already completed the TEDIORE-Beast Build(Chucking Beast) for the first time in my head. And you and me, and it was the moment to be its first witnesses. But at the first visit to Lynch Wood, I experienced a terrible failure. The fact that someone other than me was seeing it made me even more embarrassed me. So I wiped the build out of my head and pulled out the Slagga and shots from JAKOBS. But a few weeks ago, I happened to find out that the SMGs I threw then were 72 lv! It couldn’t have been used against the enemies of the OP8.

That’s right. That’s why the build came back to life.

You give me almost the answer and give me a chance to announce it. I remembered. It was a combination of 2 Maliwan and Hyperion. Maybe Capacitor is Hyperion.

And your generous assessment gave me a boost.:laughing:

Thank you man!