Maya Vs. Ancient Dragons Of Destruction Lv 72 OP0

I don’t know how I got Healianth to land, but not only did this particular accident end up making the video shorter, I learned that a slight change in gear can make a different kill order possible. Everyone swears by Beehawking with Legendary Cat, but Legendary Siren is what enabled me to get not only 2, but 3 quick Lady Fist kills. And, although the shock Lady Fist could theoretically make short work of a slagged +1 Incinerator, it’s not so easy in practice due to the spread and range of his flamethrower. I could try to shoot his head from a distance, but there is usually a good chance that an outlying basilisk will come after me and break my amp boost. Using the Sand Hawk on Incinerator from the start may have resulted in a faster kill, but now we’ll never know. Here is my build: