Maya vs Bloodwing Solo UVHM

Well, defeating Bloodwing in Normal and TVHM was a breeze, but Bloodwing appears to have grown a pair in UVHM, while Maya has gone a bit anaemic at Level 53. I’ve died more times than my entire three Playthroughs combined and gone from $10M to just over $1M as a result.

Every attack results in me dropping health to barely there, and I can’t seem to outrun the bird at all. The only Legendary I have is an Inflammable Bee, which helps against her fire attacks, but I barely have shields up long enough to profit from the amp damage. The most I’ve been able to get her health down is 50%, but then she just flies off and when she returns to divebomb me she’s back at full.

Any ideas?

Spec in Cataclysm… Foresight, Immolate, Chain Reaction, Reaper and to get to Ruin, you need to spend 5 points in Flicker, Helios or Blight Phoenix.

Use Ruin to slag Bloodwing, and then let her have it with a fast firing gun. Vladof Pistol (Anarchist is best) or a Hyperion single barrel shotgun. Use shock or non-elemental during fire phase, and fire guns for the rest. Remember to keep her slagged.

Don’t stand and wait while she flies away. Move in the same direction, and get close to the buildings. That way you can avoid most of her attacks.

Good luck!

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thanks for the reply. I’m already specced into Ruin, but the problem is I can’t seem to evade her attacks and, although I can get her health down to just over half, she just ends up dive bombing me to death. I never had any trouble with her with Roland, but with Maya it just seems impossible :disappointed_relieved:

It doesn’t help that half the health drops seem to sink into the floor: running over them doesn’t pick them up and by the time I’ve stopped to manually pick them up I get another hit. Maya just seems a lot more vulnerable than Roland ever was!

Cover seems none existent. Is there any viable tactic other than running around like a headless chicken?

This is one of those situations were a Bee shield is more of a liability than an asset. If you can loot a better one by back-tracking from the elevator, by all means do so. I know what you mean about the health drops - they get stuck in the circular shaft that B. comes up on. I developed the knack of hitting X just as I was running over them, so managed to grab a few without stopping too long.

The dive-bomb attacks are almost always called out by Mordecai, but are generally predictable from the flight pattern anyway. Make sure when you run to get out of the way that you are actually facing the direction you want to go; back-pedalling or trying to strafe your way out of danger is too slow.

For this fight I prefer elemental SMGs, plasma casters or rapid fire blasters, with at least one slag weapon for when your phaselock is on cooldown.

My only other tip is to keep moving like a soccer player - always move into space (and, more importantly, where there is going to be space when you get there!)

It is do-able solo. That said, if you’re really stuck and don’t want to have to do the whole thing over again, don’t be afraid to ask for help in the appropriate section for you platform.

The Bee sure ain’t the greatest shield when it comes to protection, but the added damage it gives you more than makes up for that. With the right setup, that bird would never make it out of the arena. I forgot that you had one when I wrote the last post. Don’t use a shotgun with the Bee. It’s amp damage is divided between the number of pellets, so a shotgun is not the right choice. My bad!

A Vladof Anarchist, however, is a good choice. Plasma casters are great too. They can be a bit tricky against flying targets because of their slow projectiles.

To be able to better advice you, it would help a lot if you could list your guns and gear, and their level, along with your build.

I would prolly spec like this going through the WEP. If I had the chance to respec for the BW-fight alone, it would look slightly different, but here it has to work through the whole park. And then I’d slap on as much firepower as I had to fight BW. Each time whe changes element is a great opportunity to hammer her. Keep shooting her when she fies out of the arena, and keep it up for a little while after she has turned back towards you. Then run to the side, and use the wall for cover.

I’m having the same issues w/my 59th lvl Maya, who is WELL spec’d into Cataclysm; my main problem is keeping the friggin’ skags off of her long enough to focus on Bloodwing. I’ve tried various combos of elemental subs, a Bee, and Ruin, but no luck. I’m about to try a different approach; going in with a leveled Lascaux (which I expect to use most of the time), an electric Sand Hawk (even tho it’s a slow gun), a big-ass shotgun for FFYL moments, and a big adaptive shield. I could be totally wrong, but at least it’s something I haven’t tried a dozen times already.

Maybe an Adaptive should be better than a Bee is this situation. Try to save Phaselock for the Skags, Converge gives you a little room to breath and focus in Bloodwing. Wreck can be a good boost against bloodwing. I dont think you need Cataclysm this much in this particular fight, so you can try a Motion/Harmony spec with the Cat COM to make up for the damage loss.

it took me forever (3 trips to get better loot & $$$) to get past this area solo. the thing that worked for me was to find 3 different shields (none of them Bees) to swap out to react to his changing forms. A DPUH, shock Sandhawk & Hornet with a Tediore RL for second winds plus I also swapped grenade mods (magic missiles & transfusions). Most of the battle I would hide by the door on the left which slightly shields you from his blasts. towards the end I would run around the arena to get health & ammo ( and to run from the damn skaggs.

I’ve been trying to get them sorta bunched up behind her while she’s running laps around the arena, and then toss phaselock at the group to both whittle their health down and buy time to focus on Bloodwing. It works some times, especially after putting points into increasing P/L duration, but I still end up having to focus either on them to stay up, or focus on Bloodwing at the risk of ending up knee-deep in skags.

I’m still hoping for a repeat of what happened the other night after a respawn; the elevator was down in the arena and as Maya was about to jump down, Bloodwing landed right there in front of the elevator. A quick shield swap to the Bee, bring up the Sand Hawk, and almost a third of Bloodwing’s health was gone, just that fast and from the safety of the platform above her. I want THAT to happen again.

yeah, I tried a Motion/Harmony spec as I’d heard Thoughtlock was a useful in distracting BL and the skags, but it made the journey to get to BL as much of a pain as the actual fight! Made me appreciate just how useful Ruin actually is! The Rabid enemies in particular seemed to just ignore it and focus on me anyway?

So I’ve gone back to Cataclysm. For a boss this tough they really should have a re-skill booth (can’t remember what they are called!) in the lobby where you regenerate after BL gets his claws in you. I was hoping to avoid getting a Sandhawk until later in the game, but at this rate I may have to rethink. I do have a Caustic Infinity with a fairly decent damage and ROF but, as I said, getting him down to halfway seems the best I can do. His Corrosive attacks seem to wipe me out completely :disappointed_relieved:

What you need is purple tediore quick shield, hyperion shotgun shock and fire, leg binder or binder with +6 reaper, bones of ancient shock and fire. Shock and fire tattler or bone shredder if you have leg cat. Generally you need high rof, multi pellets guns.
Edit: shock and fire kitten would be great choice for this fight.

I have a very similar spec to you, although I’m actually Level 54 (my mistake earlier!). It gets me through the WEP pretty easily. As far as gear goes I have a Level 54 Inflammable Bee, which helps in the initial phase. Has 28K, which is boosted to 38K by my spec. I also just picked up a L54 Whisky Tango Foxtrot shield from a Tubby while going back through the WEP. Has 50K. Never tried (or seen!) one before so will have a look at what that does. Finally, I also have a L54 Purple Booster, with 90K damage, so I may give that one a try. Not normally a fan of Booster shileds.

Weapons-wise, I have a L50 Caustic Infinity, which helps until I get to the Corrosive phase. I’ve just picked up a L54 Plasma Caster on the same run as as the WTF, so that might help there, although I’ll probably get mullered by the long reload time. I have a L54 Maliwan Shock SMG, with fairly decent damage, and a L54 Maliwan Corrosive SMG. Both of these get me through the WEP on their own, right up to BW. I only swap out for a L50 Fire Vladof Assassin pistol for the initial skag section. I also have a pretty strong Torgue Rifle, but the projectiles are a bit slow for BW. Useful in FFYL, though. I have a Purple Maliwan slag SMG, which I need for when I have to use Phaselock on the skags (leaving me with nothing for BW) and couple of shotguns: a L53 Corrosive and L52 Fire, both Green. Finally, I have a Blue Torgue RL, which I only use as a last resort FFYL helper.

I have a Bone relic which boost Shock and shield recharge rate, another which boosts Corrosive, and another which boosts ARs. For Mods, I have a decent Nurse to regen health, a Fox which boosts Fire, and another which boosts SMGs. I only have one grenade mod, a Homing Corrosive.

I notice that you don’t mention any Moxxie weapons- it’s not too late to get a Good Touch for healing purposes and while shotguns aren’t the best to use with the Bee a high RoF shotgun would really help you out (that and a Deputy’s Badge). Since BW is such a large target any weapons that give splash damage bonuses like plasma casters and certain explosive weapons would help as well. My suggestions would be this: a Bone of the Ancients that gives a decent cool down rate as well as elemental buff of choice, a Good Touch for healing, a slag transfusion grenade mod (any with a 2 second or less fuse time would be great), an Unkempt Harold, an adaptive shield with a high elemental resistance, and either your Cat or Nurse class mod- even better if you can find a Binder class mod. try to save one of the skags just to PL- with the increased fire rate due to the PL it should help you put more damage on BL, also AoE grenades might help deal with the skags. And if you don’t mind an alternate build suggestion:
I didn’t spec into Cataclysm until I was already above level 61 just so I could get the capstones for both it and Harmony- if you want survivability one of the two builds above might help you…

[quote=“shure, post:1, topic:342220, full:true”]Well, defeating Bloodwing in Normal and TVHM was a breeze, but Bloodwing appears to have grown a pair in UVHM[/quote]As it should be!

[quote=“shure, post:1, topic:342220, full:true”]…while Maya has gone a bit anaemic at Level 53.[/quote]This doesn’t sound like Maya at all… can you post your build and loadout (with gear levels)?

[quote=“shure, post:1, topic:342220, full:true”]The only Legendary I have is an Inflammable Bee, which helps against her fire attacks, but I barely have shields up long enough to profit from the amp damage.[/quote]The Bee is a cute shield, but I wouldn’t consider it for this fight. If you’re still dealing with Bloodwing’s fire attacks, the local skags probably haven’t spawned yet. If you managed to keep the Bee up for Bloodwing’s first elemental phase, a handful of skags in the mix will make this most challenging.

[quote=“shure, post:1, topic:342220, full:true”]Any ideas?[/quote]There is a spot where you can avoid Bloodwing’s dive bomb attacks on the left side of the arena, shown approximately below (there’s a nook behind a lip in the wall where the arrow points). You won’t be safe from the skags, and when Bloodwing lands, I don’t believe it’s still a safe point, but if you need to breathe for a moment, it’ll work. Also, while I’m sure this is unintended behavior, if you Phaselock Bloodwing, does he not fall out of the sky? Maybe I’m thinking of Mothrakk. Mad props to @anon43818509 for the making of these maps which I’ve borrowed here.

edit - OMG 14 posts since I started this draft :open_mouth:

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When I’ve used P/L, Blood takes damage from Ruin but stays in the air.

Thanks. I’ll definitely give that spot a try!

Yep, BW is one of those enemies you can’t freeze in place. Does apply some damage though, along with slag (always a good thing)

I tried speccing out of Cataclysm but couldn’t get on with it very well on the way to BW. Rabid Stalkers in particular seemed to ignore Thoughtlock and just make a beeline for me, while at least with Ruin I could fix them in place and despatch them pretty quickly.

Good Touch is a good suggestion but I’m trying to hold off until L72 so I can get the set then, and you can only get the Bad Touch once. I might be making it harder for myself of course!

I’ll ditch the Bee and give a couple of shotties a try. Fingers crossed!

The last run through the WEP to tackle BW again has been kind to me. It’s given me a Level 54 Ferocious Shredifier (with Burn damage), a L53 (boo! :thumbsdown:) Impetuous Flakker, a Binder Class Mod (only Green, but better than nothing), a Slag Transfusion grenade, a Green Ligated Adaptive shield. (only 21% Elemental Resistance but worth a shot) and an Explosive Nova Shield to help against the Skags. Off to see if I can cook me some bird

You want a binder mod with +6 reaper (damage bonus multiplicative).