Maya vs Bloodwing

I didn’t have trouble with this as a L. Siren, but I’m doing a new playthrough as a Binder and I’m really missing that +5 to Ward, Lifetap, passive gun damage, movement speed, etc. Any tips (gear or otherwise) on beating her? Thoughtlocking the skags that come out is a little helpful, but not really enough since it’s hard to run from her when you’re the target.

Using this build:

Which gun(s) are you using? Are you using a Bee?

Your build doesn’t have any major issues, imo. It’s basically a matter of taste. I’m not a big fan of Thoughtlock to begin with, so that’s something that I personally would change. That would also free up the points in Sub Sequence, and maybe also Quicken. That depends on if you use a BoA or not.

Soo… This build also needs to work through the rest of WEP. Not just with BW. Immolate is, for me, still a better choice over Helios, and if you free up those points mentioned earlier, you could go for some more healing. Nice against those pesky stalkers. I suppose you could leave one point in Helios to get the benefits from your COM. I’m guessing you have a L. Binder, right?

Pretty much any fast firing gun works really well against BW. Anarchists, Good Touch (except for BW’s fire phase), Plasma Casters, Conference Call, Butcher. Those would be my first choices. Drop the hammer on her when she flies away from you, and use the walls for cover as soon as she turns. If you decide to use a Bee, the fight will be over very fast.

The Fastball rips Bloodwing Apart iirc. Its farmable from Boll now so just get an Explosive one or a fire and shock one, and if you have elemental relics or BoAs to boost their damage that helps.

Just slag her with phaselock once she’s done imbuing herself and chuck a couple grenades. Their are enough ammo boxes that you won’t run out.

The fastball rips everything apart.

The OP was asking what tactics or skills Maya could use specifically against the bloodwing.

It’s like saying ‘use a Harold.’ The Harold kills everything and it doesn’t matter what your build is. Part of this game is having the right gear (requires no skill) and part of it is speccing into the right stats and knowing your character (requires skill). The OP was asking about the latter.

My main gear is an Intense Harold, the Heartbreaker (or a fire Omen), a Slagga, and the third slot is usually a corrosive Omen or some other powerful weapon. Accessories include a Blockade, longbow slag transfusion, appropriate BoA, and a L. Binder, as you might have guessed.

@Ronnie_Rayburn I did try one round with a Neo / Blood of the Ancients. Didn’t go so well. This build does fine with the rest of the WEP. Perhaps 10/5 Helios isn’t exactly necessary, although after two or three hits of Subsequence, Ruin / Helios is enough to kill a weakened enemy without firing a shot. The strategy is positioning - if you can put a group of baddies into a corner with Converge and you’ve got a powerful weapon (Harold, Omen, etc.) the red dots will be going away very fast. Plus, with Thoughtlock, your target will help you chip away at health bars. (I’ve even had loaders steal kills from me a few times!) As for this particular battle, I’ve found that the Butcher is a huge help. I think I’ll give the Good / Bad Touch a try for heals, so thanks for the tip. The only real problem is lack of cover - the Bee helps a ton, but obviously one hit takes it down and a chunk of health, so staying alive with 4/5 Ward (as opposed to my usual 9/5 as a L. Siren) is tough. Plus, in Bloodwing’s shock phase, she fires that stupid shock breath at you -_- It was hard enough dealing with her aerial attacks.

@khimerakiller I’ll look into Fastball usage. Thanks!! Although I might save Phaselock for the skags and try to put some extra damage on Bloodwing with a slag gun.

@miles_wimbrow Yeah you’re pretty much right. I’ve always been in love with the Binder Thoughtlock build, but this is my first time taking it through the main game at OP8. Bloodwing is my first real challenge so far, and I’m sure after this it will be pretty much smooth sailing until The Warrior. (I’ll be using the Blurred Trickster strat for Bunker and Saturn)

Side question - I’ve been considering the Pimpernel and the Florentine as my slag weapon. Am I good with the Slagga or should I switch?

Your build is solid. It’s like I said… a matter of what you prefer. The build options I pointed out earlier will not change much against BW.

Your choice of guns seems to be the problem. They have fairly slow procectiles, and UH also has a spread that makes it hard to use against BW. Good Touch paired with the Bee will make you smile. I haven’t used Bad Touch in this particular fight, but it should also work well. The Bee paired with the Butcher (or any shotgun) isn’t quite as effective, since the Butcher has listed pellets. Without the Bee, a Butcher is an excellent choice.

I did a clip a while back to show another player how effective the Bee is in this fight. I use Anarchists, a BoA and the Bee. Hope it helps!

Since the Pimp is one of the best guns in the game, it’s hard to tell you: “No, don’t switch!”.

But gaming is also about what YOU like. What YOU prefer. In other words… FUN. Do you like the Slagga? Is it doing what it’s supposed to do? Do you like it? Those things are all that matter!

Slagga is a great gun, and so’s the Pimp. Florentine… not my first choice. But the only time you’ll really need a slag weapon is when you’re in FFYL and don’t have access to Scorn. For everything else, Ruin should be more than enough. Especially with your build, COM and relic.

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