Maya vs Gettle, Mobley from level 56.9 to 72

After completing the story missions on UVHM I was 56.9. From here I did runs from Ellie’s Garage in the Dust to Gettle & Mobley. I was hoping to see a lot of tubbies, and hopeful of pearls, and to get some different Lyuda variants, one of my favourite weapons in the game.

The results are as follows.


It was an interesting experiment. A grind at times, but yielded some very nice Lyuda’s. The tubbies were disappointing in that I did go a long period at 66, 67 and most of 68 without seeing one. A 26.4% result on a Lyuda or Veruc was much higher than expected.

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Of the skins from tubbies, two were ones I already had, for Siren & Mech, Black Widow & Muddyand Bloody if anyone would like them (360).

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I thought this thread might interest you. It shows some nice stats too.