Maya vs Hyperius

I’ve been trying to solo Hyperius with something other than Zer0’s B0re. So I’ve been trying to take him on as Maya. No wins thus far, but I’ve been making progress. The biggest problem I’ve been having so far is trying to get his bots to turtle up. Most of the videos I’ve seen involve bunching them up with singularity grenades and then hitting them with corrosive rockets. So I brought a corrosive Norfleet. But I’ve been going through half my rocket ammo before they all turtle up and I can fire on the big guy. I’ve had to switch to a Sham and Logan’s gun in mid battle to get rocket ammo back. And I’ve not been having much luck against them with a Harold, and really do not want to waste SMG ammo on them. So is there any better way to deal with these bots that I’m missing?

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Converge and Quasar grenades do that part of the job for me; unfortunately, I’ve never been able to finish off the big guy himself in UVHM as I can’t seem to avoid his flying slams.

I’m trying both Zero and Maya but so far no success- I do manage to take out the bots (sometimes) but his novas get me (I’m not using any health gating tricks). One thing I’ve noticed is that when Zero is in Deception mode the effects of the novas seemed lessened or even ignored- although this could just be his health regenerating due to Deception being active…

Here’s how I do it. I mess up a bit at the very end, so I die, but this works.


Pretty much what I’ve been trying to do, though I use a Legendary Siren, not Cat. Guess I just need to practice more.

Any suggestions for those who lack a Sham/Logan’s gun combo? I.E. what do you do when you run out of rockets! Any mileage in using a different COM to the Cat? (I have siren, nurse, binder, cat, and one of the monk ones to choose from.)

Very nice- no glitches used, just skillful game play- except for the dying at the end :sunglasses: I don’t have a caustic Norfleet but I do have a caustic Topneaa so I’ll give it a try with her. Thanks for the vid…

OP 8 makes it pretty hard imo to beat him without top gear. That said… It’s not impossible, ofc! I’m not sure how well a Topnea will do, though. Topnea has good dps, but that’s not the issue here. The issue is to deal a lot of damage in as few shots as possible. Norfleet is the obvious first choice, but a Badaboom (easy farm with high droprate) should work too. It’s also a lot better on ammo consumtion. You could also try a Prazma Cannon, a PBFG or even a Tunguska. I have no idea how useful they’d be, but they have a nice splash. As you see in the clip, I also use a DPUH towards the end. It works really well too, but rips through your ammo very fast.

The Sham is crucial for regeneration RL-ammo, but you can use any gun that shoots more than one rocket at a time. Bandit RL’s would be my first choice. Badaboom fires 6, and regular ones fire 3. Just make sure they’re low-level ;)!

As for COM’s… BeeHawk with Legendary Cat is the way to go for max dps. A blue Cat COM will also work really well. Legendary Siren is for when you use guns other than SMG’s. Could be interesting to fight him with the Bekah.

After that, it’s pretty much trial and error! Timing his novas and jumps is the tricky part.

It looks like phaselocking him stops the nova blast. Or at least I didn’t notice your shield getting blasted. Is that true?

Never mind. Just watched more of it. I didn’t notice because you switch to Grog and then Lightning grenade which shoots health back up. I HAVE TO REMEMBER THAT next time he kicks my butt.

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Last time I tried this was level 72 siren co-op with my partner playing Axton; I did not have a Grog nozzle (had a Rubi and… kitten I think?). It is clearly time to go get one!

Except for the caustic RL I pretty much have the gear either on Maya herself (i.e. class mods) or my other characters (Logan’s Gun). The trick for me will be getting the timing down and remember to hit him with the right elemental Sand Hawk…

@Ronnie_Rayburn: Badaboom fires six rockets…for the cost of one ammo! :slight_smile:

@BunBun299: Trying to solo Hyperius with Maya:

But as an alternative, you can co-op the fight. Equip/spec for long-range attack/support, and hide behind that pipe just inside the entrance. An mod+relic combo to hasten your AS Cooldown is required, as are points into Converge, Quicken, Ruin, and Res (=co-op only).

To date, I've found a Proficiency relic (+43.0%) and normal Binder mod (+27%), both at OP8; however, I can't suggest the Legendary Siren enough -- it trades team cooldown to boost individual cooldown, as evidenced by the only one I've ever gotten (Lv65) having a +37% cooldown rate.
Hide behind the pipe just inside and to the left of the entrance -- this will shield you from most everything; for co-op, you'll only really need to do two things:
  • Phaselock Hyperius, which triggers “Converge” and yanks his drones back toward him. This is applicable to all Sirens, and can lead to him being clustered pretty quickly if your team includes multiple Sirens; if you want/need to augment the effect during cooldown, a Singularity/Quasar with a Lobbed or Longbow prefix helps, especially if trying to set up for Zero’s Bore:
  • In co-op raid fights, it is highly inadvisable for a Siren to not have Res. Additionally, to speed up the revival of multiple downed players on a team consisting of (currently downed) players that happens to include a Siren (w/ Res), it is advised that that/any downed Siren be looking for any other downed players (and toward them) when they are fully revived so that they can instantly Res that player and shift focus to another downed ally, or back to Hyperius.

I found a Blurred Trickster mod that was +6 Chain Reaction, +5 Kinetic Reflection and I also still had the DCTF mission open with Krieg so I farmed a fire Barking Pimpernel and used MoLMF;s Blurred Trickster build to do him in…(I meant this as a reply to Ronnie_Rayburn, not myself- sheesh…)


:wink: Damn! I could have sworn I just said that.

How are you regenerating grenades?

In the video I believe the player is using a Logan’s Gun and a Sham shield; the gun’s projectiles count as rockets on the first hit (i.e. ground in this case), and the Sham absorbs them to the backpack.

I use a Chain Lightning grenade. It’s a legendary drop in TTDAoK. It’s gimmick, apart from the chain, is that it regenerates grenades over time. And as @VaultHunter101 says… For rockets it’s the good old Sham + Logan’s gun trick.

Ive died alot, but with Maya try a slagga, swordplosuon, grognozzle, Harold build with the chrono binder class mod for the extra 20 or 19 percent increase on you action skill. Along with a chain lighting to turtle all of the bots