Maya vs. Jack's Guardian Surveyor

As far as I know, this is one of the only flying enemies that can’t be Phaselocked. Most effective weapons to deal with them?

Personally I like the Hive against flying enemies

If i somehow miss mortally wounding jack when he’s at the control panel and have to mess with his surveyor, then I just run to the stone ruin and take out the surveyor with a Bee shield and Gentlemens Pimpernel (corrosive). 3 shots max (usually 2) and it’s trashed.

A Hornet or Thunderball Fists wrecks that thing. PL for slag and go to town.

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Dammit the patch did nerf Phaselock against the Surveyor? I called that on the day the patch released and @Derch correctly pointed out that that wasn’t the exact phrasing of the patch. Apparently we were both right. I was really hoping that only he was. That sucks. A lot.

So you can only damage it and not phaselock it?

I finished an UVHM playthru and also noticed Phaselock only dammaged and did not hold the bugger

That sucks, well at least it won’t glitch out anymore…
I have mixed feeling on it

Definitely adds an extra little challenge at the end

Well I guess next time I reset UVHM I shall just have to embrace the new challenge. At least Cloud Kill will now do work against the Surveyor.

I guess it kind of makes sense that a final boss’ pet wouldn’t be Phaselock-able. Even though it’s still annoying. However, Ruin still works on it and if you have good aim you can take it out with a Hail.