Maya Vs. The Warrior Help

So i’m going to be facing the warrior soonish (still a ways from it though) and was wondering about opinions of the build I should use. I figure reaper is the end-all be-all in terms, so I made sure to give it 5/5. This is about the build I’m looking at with the remaining points going into accelerate or mind’s eye depending on opinions. i know the lady fist is a good weapon to use against it so i’m not sure which skill synergizes better with it. I use mainly snipers and shotguns as well if that helps the build direction any. thanks!

Honestly, I would either keep going down Cataclysm to get Ruin, or get Ward for some defense. But between Accelerate and Mind’s Eye, I would go with Mind’s Eye. However, you could also get Accelerate and get one step closer to Suspension and Converge…

Okay, for now go with Mind’s eye, but in TVHM respec into Accelerate or Ward to get closer to Converge.

Unless you’re using Moxxie weapons or a Nurse com you need healing- this won’t give it to you but it does IMO increase your survivability. Just stay away from Cloud Kill- even in normal it’s one of the most useless skills in this game for any character… Edit date 9/24/2016- needless to say this was done before the boost to Cloud Kill in the Oct 2015 patch. CK is now effective even on the OP levels and should now be specced whenever you spec into the Cataclysm tree…

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At that stage, it’s not your build that’s gonna decide the outcome against the Warrior. Your guns will be more important. Lady Fist is an excellent choice. A fast firing shotgun will also be a good choice. You could also pair an SMG with a Cat COM. That will give you a good boost. I usually bring an explosive shotgun too. I don’t wanna spoil too much, but it comes in handy.

Just remember that your build needs to work for the whole mission. Not just the Warrior. And speaking of your build… Immolate is a very good skill. Helios is not. Same goes for Blight Phoenix, and Flicker to some extent. To get to Ruin, you have to spec into one of them, though.

This is the build I would recommend for taking out the warrior. Except that you’re absolutely going to want to be level 30 or you’ll meet massive damage resistance. Throw those 5 points into Mind’s Eye and shoot him in the chest/mouth.
Gear is very important, as somebody said. Honestly, if I were able to go back to the first time I ever played Borderlands 2, I would go through Hero’s Pass, run to the Fast Travel in the Vault, and go to the beginning of Hero’s Pass, save and quit, and run through it two or three times, as much for the XP of killing the enemies as for the myriad loot chests.

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I just killed him with my level 28 Maya. Aim for his chest plates (his crit spots) with snipers (long range) and SMGs/pistols/shottys (close by). there is a hide on the left near an ammo box that shelters you (somewhat) from the lava and the occasional warrior fireblast. Keep plugging at the crits and he’ll soon go down.

yeah, go to that hide on the extreme left and the Warrior can’t really touch you, neither can the rising lava. The only thing you have to keep an eye out for is the odd Crystalisk that pops up, and you can keep popping back to the ammo chests every so often to restock. The hide protects you from anything the Warrior throws and the Rakk can’t get you either

The Warrior is vulnerable to Shock, so a good Shock weapon aimed at his crit spots and you’re good to go. I use either a Shock Pimpernel or Thunderball Fists for the whole fight. They’re also good against the Crystalisks

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^^^ I have an even better spot for that. Where you first drop down into the Warrior’s arena, you’re pretty much safe from his attacks (stick to the sides when he does his fire breath), and even the crystalisks can’t get to you there.

Lady Fist is one of the best easy-to-get choices for this fight, but I’d also take something really hard-hitting to get the plates off of the Warrior first.

ALSO, word of advice. Keep an eye on the whereabouts of the volcanic rakk overhead. Once you hit one of them, they will swarm you for a while. HANDY, if you find yourself needing a second wind, since they’re just about as weak as other rakk.

OK, so something powerful and accurate with a decent fire rate (maybe a Jakobs AR, like the one you get from the four-pieces-finding quest in Arid Nexus) to knock the plates off. Something accurate with high crit to hit him under the plates (Lady Fist works rather well). Don’t sweat your grenade mod choice, as they’re generally not very helpful in this fight. Something in a shotfun maybe for handling rakk. And, of course, a good launcher for FFYL time. I recommend the Topneaa or Norfleet, but failing those, a good Vladof launcher will do just fine (high RoF, big magazine, reduced ammo consumption, so you can afford to miss a shot). Also, King Mong is nearby, so a Baddaboom may be in your future as well, and that’s a pretty solid launcher.

  • EDIT - After banging out the answer below, I then notice how old this thread is. Oops…or something…

And if everything else fails…go farm for a Bee, bring your best’est/most powerful sniper rifle, and then take the cheesy way out after your 1st death/respawn by not dropping back in to the main floor; you can stand just outside of the drop/bullet shield area and still hit the Warrior’s crit spots to whittle him down. It’ll take aprox. 3 times as long to do, most likely (remember that there’s an ammo machine behind you), and isn’t the most exciting way to fight the battle, but it will get you past him. Eventually. You’ll just feel dirty afterward.

seriously, you don’t even have to die. If you run to the far left then neither the rakk or the Warrior can get you. The Crystalisks only spawn in one of two spots and you will see them pop up on your minimap long before they finish spawning and become a threat.

If you have the Tina DLC, I’d recommend doing the first bit of that before reaching the Warrior so that you can farm the Treants for a Bee shield. It’s not essential for the fight but it saves a lot of ammo, not to mention boredom!

One thing that has happened on all three playthroughs with Maya that I don’t ever remember happening with Axton was something strange after I ran to the far left spot once HJ’s Surveyor spawned. I killed the Surveyor quite easily after phaselocking it, and then Jack spawned by the first ammo station just after you initially drop down to the arena. When I ran to him he stayed visible and didn’t budge, allowing me to just take him down without any kind of defense. I thought it was strange first time but it even happened on UVHM. Made for an easy kill but very weird. Anyone else get this?

WHAT!? I don’t think I ever knew this. I’ve always just used explosive and non-elemental.

At the moment he goes down in under two minutes with my shock Plasma Caster SMG and my Bee. Most of the time is spent waiting for him to pop up tbh. If he didn’t keep diving under the lava it would probably all be over in less than a minute. I don’t have any scientific backup but whenever I use Shock it seems to work much faster. I get crit hits pretty much with the first shot. As a bonus it takes the Crystalisks out in just a couple of seconds, too. Otherwise any high-rate weapon / bee combo should work