Maya vs. Threshers

Threshers seem to be the most annoying common enemy that can’t be Phaselocked. Are there any smart ways to deal with them and their UBA variants?

my first op8 playthrough they gave me a lot of issues. The kitten helped me out on them a lot for a bit, now I kill a little one and just let lifetap keep me up and use my twister on them.

Heartbreaker would also be good if you don’t have lifetap. Shock hail really eats the pryo ones really well.


Good tip on the pyro threshers - those are probably the worst, especially since I’m usually running a Heartbreaker or other fire weapon when they make an appearance!

Un-Phaselockable enemies give you insanely fast cooldown, so Ruin and Helios will still fire on them for basically free slag and fire damage. If you keep moving, you should be able to deal with most of them. Always have a cover/exit strategy. Sounds cheesy, but Threshers give neither of my Sirens any crap.

UBA Threshers… you just need to survive the initial blast (possible if you aren’t immediately hit afterwards) and can get to cover. When in Thresher territory, this is just one of the hazards… you’re not running around out in the open, are you? If you’re armed to the teeth with like a DPUH or appropriately-charged Pimpernel or Norfleet, for example, you might be able to tank it down before it submerges and pops up again (or any number of the aggressive Moxxi weapons as was mentioned above). Once that thresher is up, if there’s any distance between you and them, that surface blast is kind of all it’s got.

Wormhole Threshers… you can tank through their attack if you’ve got a fresh kill up, a healthy number of points in Life Tap, and are firing on them (which is delightfully satisfying to do). Recompense and a Grog Nozzle is always fun too, but I think these are worse to deal with than UBA Threshers because if you get caught off guard by a Wormhole without a kill up, you’re kind of toast (where getting caught off guard by a UBA Thresher means you’re healthgated, but you at least have a chance to get to cover).

For handling Clutch Threshers (or any one within melee range), Backdraft is my favorite: put on a Tediore shield with the lowest cooldown you can find (and don’t be shy about putting points in Ward or even equipping a shield relic), wait for them to come to you and surface, toss Scorn so they get slagged on their way up, equip your favorite Moxxi weapon, and let them beat themselves to death on you.

Now that Cloud Kill is brutally dangerous, Helios is buffed (which, even though the Threshers are not Phaselockable, it will still trigger and damage any nearby ones), and Blight Phoenix is buffed (so you can roast them while you have a kill live), Maya’s handling of these is a bit better.

For me, even without Cloud Kill buff or Life Tap, the only thresher which ever gave me a problem is the badass one, and only because he is pyro. I use the Kitten as my main mobbing weapon, so when I face the UBA, I just use appropriately timed storm fronts to sap the big guy’s health and keep my health up, while firing away and using Ruin of course. With the Cloud Kill Buff, wasting the UBA thresher should be even easier.