Mayas character arc

If you want only unimportant characters to die, and have the important ones face no threat, then you want a story with no stakes.

But yeah, the scene was really bad.

I’ll admit that after Maya died I lost the will to play much further, because the game kept showing her death on TV’s, mocking you, and troy kept telling you how much better he was at using her powers, so I didn’t know that some of that happened. But if it come out the way I meant for to, I feel her death was insulting, like no effort was put into it. Compare that to Roland’s death or bloodwing’s, they were shocking and emotional and helped set the tone for the endgame.

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Every little bit that happened in the game was to advance in the story the writers came up with. That’s obvious.

People aren’t arguing that, but the way things were handled.

the very fact that you and others have had such an emotional reaction to Maya’s death shows that it was in fact a shocking and emotional event that set the tone, for the player at any rate. Which makes it a success

Not in the way people expected. The emotion was directed towards the writers who screwed it up.

That’s a wholly subjective statement. I would suggest the opposite, that they knew what they were doing was controversial and planned it that way, same as they did with Roland.

And I strongly disagree they screwed it up. I think it was pretty clever writing tbh and the only reason it’s even a bone of contention is that some have, dare I say it, perhaps a little too strong a connection with their favourite video game character.

Maya’s death was pretty central to the plot and almost nothing that happened afterwards would have happened that way if she hadn’t died, as already pointed out above. That’s pretty powerful and shows that she was still as important to the story in death as much as in life, which is something that should be celebrated, not criticised. The other previous VHs, such as Brick and Moredecai, didn’t have nearly as central a part to play and we probably wouldn’t even have noticed if they hadn’t even have been in it. Zero had a bit but largely peripheral and unless memory is failing me Axton and Salvador weren’t even mentioned. Maya had a central role, which should be a positive thing.

This sums it up quite nicely


That’s fine, you can have your opinion, even if you completely fail to understand that Maya’s death itself wasn’t the problem.

I understand, I just don’t think it’s true. Ultimately all the hand-wringing about different scenarios end either in Maya somehow surviving but losing her powers - and why that should make a difference I don’t know - or her having to endure some “heroic” death just to satisfy some people that it was “worth” it. Or of course you get the people still insisting that Maya’s death was just to prop up Ava, which is missing the point entirely.

And it’s all just nonsense. There’s no “right way” for a video game character to die. She died because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time and the very banality of it is part of what makes the scene so powerful. She wasn’t beaten in a big battle, there was no grand plot to take her down, but she died so that Troy might awaken and discover his true potential. All this wringing of hands because some couldn’t handle her death is just plain weird

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Dude, it’s all matter of what type of content people consume. We all judge by comparison, you know. If Maya’s death was the most heartbreaking, the most meaningful thing in the story for you - that’s ok. I get it. But I’ve seen better , and you wont change that. It is subjective and you can do nothing about it. In the end its just a game. It will naturally die within few years, or may be sooner. What comes next?

I play this game all the time with myself and George RR Martin and winds of winter (that will never see the light of day)

So you have this whole mess of how to get character A to location B but if you do this then it messes up another character and in my mind I just can’t make it work.

BL3 has become a big mess (story) and I just can’t see a redemption. I hope that the DLC’s are like BL2 and don’t expand the story, but tell more another story.

and when Maya died is when the story went 100% off the rails

I said this in another thread

it’s like they wrote the story and script in one sitting and decided “hey that was easy let’s go with it”

it’s a great story and well written for a middle school student I guess but that’s about it.

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I don’t see it myself. It’s clear you don’t like the story but it’s nonsense to suggest it’s gone off the rails. It all flows pretty well, it’s just you didn’t want Maya to die, that’s all.

I am ok with the death, it’s the why and how and aftermath that I have issue with.

poorly written and all done just to put Ava in a position of power that ignores all past games.

I’m not trying to argue you haven’t seen better. Perfectly fine with that. Nor am I saying Maya’s death was particularly heartbreaking - that’s not really the crux of the argument.

The point is simply that just because you would have preferred a different ending for Maya - or even no ending at all - doesn’t make the one she had bad in any way. It served its purpose in driving the story and was a pivotal moment

This is starting to get hilarious now. I’m impressed how so many people are unable to see beyond their own myopic interpretation of events. It’s quite breathtaking

It is bad,superfan! It is bad. Game sucks. Get over it.
Here’s a video. :laughing:



That was just myopic interpretation man, the things as they are presented don’t matter. :rofl:


everything was done to put ava in control.

Better writing would be Tannis go find Axton and tell him he is the new leader…since well he isnt 12 and didn’t just become a siren just yesterday and all.

See that’s why Maya had to die, to put a unprepared suicidal teenager in charge. She was not ready in the whole thing, but it just took her teacher and the commander to die so she magically learned to be a leader. it was brilliant. :crazy_face:


Regarding the ending credits from BL2 and BL3, does it seen like an oversight they would not have one scene to show the Crimson Raiders paying respect to Maya.

BL2 took the time to show the original team paying respects at Roland’s grave, yet nothing is done for Maya, not even an urn for her ashes (possibility only showing us the book she dropped when she turned to ash.)

BL2 Credits


Any thoughts?