Mayas character arc

Changing the story has nothing to do with sales. Plenty of people are unhappy with the story, especially Maya’s death and anything involving Ava. I’d say more dislike it than like it. But it’s hard to tell because the average consumer is not going to take the time to create an account and complain. And yes, I think they should listen to feedback about the story and use the later DLCs to improve the disappointing story.


I also think BL2 was better in every way. Would you mind explaining what disappointed you? I’m curious.

was that directed at me?

The main thing was the weapons, which is the main reason for playing the game after all. I hated the changes they made which for me were a complete retrograde step: ARs were virtually wiped out as a viable weapon choice, while in BL1 they were my go-to gun (shotguns were also changed almost beyond recognition); DoT was a pale shadow of what it had been in BL1; Guns didn’t “feel” like guns and relied heavily on special effects over gunplay (hard to explain but in BL1 they felt like guns with special effects added on, whereas in BL2 it felt like the special effects had taken over and they only looked like guns); There’s nothing in BL2 IMO that compares to a Hellfire or Pestilent Defiler; the list goes on. I accept it’s entirely subjective but the magic that was in BL1 was conspicuously absent in BL2 for me

Secondly the atmosphere was much, much better in the first game and fit more with the whole “borderlands” concept than BL2. BL1 was a wild west kind of place and you felt like a lone gun. The world was barren and desolate and it felt fairly apocalyptic and the music etc enhanced that. In BL2 the world suddenly became far more ordered and the environment was almost lush in places. From being a lone gun you moved to becoming some kind of resistance fighter. The term “Vault Hunter” didn’t really fit what we were anymore: “mercenary” would have been more appropriate. That’s been extended even further in BL3 and now you’re a fully fledged member of a rebel team. It’s far removed from the first game and even though the scale is now far bigger it’s lost something for me.

Contrary to most, I liked the story in BL1 and wasn’t too pleased that they retconned it in BL2 and made us out to look like easily manipulated chumps. Not a biggie but wish they’d left that alone.

Scaling. Oh my god the scaling. In Bl1 I could make a weapon last until I found a better one I liked. In BL2 I was forced to change every 3-4 levels max, even if I didn’t like what I was changing to. I really, really didn’t like that.

I wasn’t too keen on boss design in BL2 and felt they took the easy route out most of the time and just amped their health levels so they became bullet sponges. And you were forced to use particular weapons or items in order to make the game playable: if you didn’t use The Bee against Pete the Invincible you had a very real chance of simply running out of ammo. It wasn’t a hard fight, just a tedious one.

Don’t get me started on Slag. Couldn’t stand it and so glad they got rid of it.

The list goes on

Slag was a bad idea. And I agree shotguns weren’t much fun either. But I liked ARs, and I liked how they took the almost non-existent story from BL and turned it into something that exceeded my expectations.

That’s fair enough. Clearly just because I was disappointed with BL2 doesn’t make it a bad game: just for me personally it wasn’t as good as the first. The story in BL1 was enough for me to motivate me to progress, but that’s never been as important to me as the gameplay itself and on that score BL1 gets my preference in almost every way. But I stress that’s just a personal thing

She’s 100% responsible. If Maya didn’t have to save her, she probably would have survived. The only reason Maya died is because Ava snuck out of the ship and into the vault. It was definitely her fault.
Her blaming Lilith (for what was obviously her fault) is probably one of the biggest reasons people hate her. Ava is right up there with the handler in Monster Hunter World; Both are completely useless and profoundly annoying.

Eh, Ava being there isn’t a factor because without the apprentice there at the scene - Maya was still in for a leeching.

Lilith was going to accompany the vault hunter to Promethean vault, Maya argued. The Crimson Raiders allowed Maya to undertake a suicide mission.

Maya chose her fate, the Crimson Raiders may be a cunning bunch but they aren’t always the smartest.

No, she wouldn’t have survived. If you think she would have, you weren’t paying attention to the story. Maya’s only purpose in the story was to die and power up Troy. She would’ve died even if Ava didn’t exist at all.

There’s no way Maya would have survived. The Twins had no intention of letting them leave. The only surprising part is that it was Troy doing the killing / leeching, but Maya was never leaving that room.

Two reasons for this: Firstly, that the Twins had pretty much said as much when they entered, plus there was no reason for them to go against character and let anyone live; and secondly, because the story demanded that Maya die so with or without Ava it was going to happen

The story could be told differently tho. Killing Maya was so much potential wasted, and not only that, they wrote Ava into a corner so badly that they couldn’t even put her in a favorite NPC poll. It’s even hard to feel bad for her given the way they rushed the BL3 script and didn’t think it throughout.


Won’t argue with you there. Considering how many times Maya was used in advertising the franchise. I don’t believe they would just forget her at this point. Shes to profitable compared to the newer characters.

Just my opinion though.

I agree, I just what to bring her back from dead in DLC or Borderlands 4

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