Maya's Digistruct Peak, Area Specific tactics

Black Queens vs Tricksters or Twisted Pimps

This is another area where people probably aren’t dying much, so this is a fine tuning entry. My guess is that anyone who dies here is getting distracted by ground enemies and picked apart by the 2x surveyors at the start of the bad spawn.

For this area, I always start by using the doorway to force enemies to get close to each other to have an angle to hit me. That allows me to Scorn everything at once to save PLs, and it puts them closer together to eat more grenade damage or Cloudkill.

  1. When I see 2x surveyors, I back up into the Dukino’s Mom area to pick them off at a leisurely pace while the walking enemies work toward the bottleneck. Once the surveyors are down, it’s painfully easy and low stress.

  2. I want to fight the Queens either where they spawn, or in the doorway. Either place maximizes the AOE damage they soak up. In this video, you may notice kill skills popping repeatedly while I’m hammering away at the Queens, because Chain Reaction and Cloudkill are wearing out ads and the second Queen.

  3. I try to throw out a Quasar to buy time to strafe toward a crit angle, but it doesn’t always work perfectly. The Queens are some fertile *******. Their babies add a lot of clutter.

A Lead Storm can be devastating here. I forgot to pick one up. A Big Boom Blaster is my favorite shield here, bar none. You’re going to eat a few little smacks and shed some boosters, pretty much every time.

Wanted to call out some things in Fistmaster’s video:

  1. Especially awesome demonstration at Dukino’s Mom, including both a specific spacing suggestion, and use of the Lady Fist (he even uses fire, so corrosive would be even faster).

  2. Properly extols the virtues of the Hornet…

  3. …which makes extra sense, considering he’s using the Bee throughout.

  4. Makes it a point to use easy-to-get guns, though an on-level, corrosive, Gromky Lyuda is going to be like pulling a winning powerball ticket. Otherwise, outstanding choices for gear that anyone can obtain with ease. I really love that he went with a ‘bad’ element Lady Fist. Double extra credit for using the Rubi instead of the Grog (as I’ve been doing with Chain Reboomtion-- haven’t bothered to even get a Grog on that one).

  5. He rolled a very easy spawn at Assassins, which was a slight letdown, since that room is the major hurdle in the run. [i’m starting to suspect that nobody is going to show up with 4x Assassins video for Maya]

  6. Used basically the same plan I use against the Queens, but showed the devastating power of the Bee + Lyuda there. It’s crazy how fast they melt under that.

  7. Singularity grenades… There should be an obvious pattern forming.

Overall, fantastic run. Great commentary. Some easy rolls for spawns. I have no doubt he’d still be brilliant against 4x Assassins, but the roll didn’t go that way. Haven’t wrapped up, so not sure if he rolled SBA Surveyor spawn before OMG.

@derch, great link. Outstanding resource material. Thank you.

I decided to cap a Thought Lock run. Hadn’t used it in a bit, but it’s how I went solo to OP8.

This cap is right before OMG. I caught a triple SBA Surveyor spawn on the second wave. We’re always hearing how bad TL is against flying enemies, so I wanted to share.

It is brief.

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[quote=“Handsome_Dad, post:17, topic:1546062”]We’re always hearing how bad TL is against flying enemies, so I wanted to share.[/quote]Really? If you’re rockin’ Sub Sequence, there’s a good chance that you’ll burn an uncomfortable amount of seek time if the Surveyor is off doing something silly when it dies, but there are times and places where it’s great. (Alternately, I can’t imagine not using Sub Sequence with Thoughtlock, but that’s just me). If the timing works out, for example, and you’re hurting for health, Thoughtlocking a Surveyor will heal you very quickly (both the Surveyor and Elated feeding your health pool charges it up fast, and you can tell when it will break free (if Thoughtlock isn’t about to run out) by watching your health, so you can get free health and kill it when done).

Also - with a weapon like the Sandhawk that has slow-moving projectiles, when I throw a singularity grenade or Converge (especially from those distances), I immediately start laying into the gravitational point, since by the time the shots get there, the enemies will all be piled up and slagged. There’s a little timing to it… are you waiting on purpose?

Re: Sub-Sequence, Elated

I tried out SS with TL early in my process of running the Peak toward OP8. I got irritated when SS flew off after surveyors, and the extra duration of TL vs PL makes that too much for me to sign on for with TL.

Elated… I used to put a couple points there, but I found quickly that Chain Reaction almost always makes those points useless, unless I intentionally milk the duration. No real point in doing that, when Grog or Rubi + Cloudkill gets me back quicker.

Re: shooting at the gravitational point

Yup. Waiting on purpose. I sometimes shoot at it right away, but usually only against ‘heavy’ enemies. Simply put, I want to see where everything lands, and the Quasar yanks so hard that some enemies turn into popcorn and land in weird places. In my CR video against the Queens, one of the little drones got tossed pretty much on top of me [sub sequence grabbed it shortly after it landed]. That lesson was beat into me pretty hard learning the Assassins with TL and a Bee.

Your mileage may vary, of course. I’m not special, and I don’t know it all. That’s exactly why I’m doing these. My hope from the jump was to get people to show up and share their ways of doing this stuff. The more people who step up, the more we all benefit.

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This is Thought Lock against Dukino’s Mom and the Black Queens.

Fistmaster did such a great job on D’s Mom that I wasn’t going to bother recording, but I got the midget spawn. Using TL in there is a little help if you’re like me and haven’t got the spacing mastered to avoid shock balls.

As for the Queens [and Scorches], TL turns them on each other. This causes them to expose their crit spots, and means they aren’t closing distance on you. TL also lasts slightly longer than PL, so it’s pretty easy to obliterate them.

You may notice a random Chain Lightning as I engage the Queens. I had forgotten to change that out for the Quasar. Just went with it.

This is Thought Lock vs 2x Doc Mercy.

Doc is heavy, slow, and fat. He’s only dangerous if you let him walk. If he’s roaming, he’ll be a bullet hose or toss grenades, neither of which are good. You can disrupt him completely with singularities or your action skill. The trick @Adabiviak referenced about throwing a singularity and then shooting straight at it works perfectly against Doc(s). TL also turns him to get the shield out of the way.

Dangers in this room are:

  1. rabid skags-- check for those before committing TL. I do recommend TLing the rabid Skag instead of an off target. He’ll run off to charge an enemy, taking him away from you, and you can lay into him. Or, if you catch a fluke, he’ll go docile due to flyers or hiders being the only enemies.

  2. The annoying marauder on the bridge. If you’re using the Bee, he can break it enough to slow your pace. Probably not going to kill you, but he’s a pest.

  3. Surveyors. When I get multiples while using TL, I often TL a Doc in the middle to stop the enemies over there from advancing, and try to pick off the surveyors the non-Maya way (shooting at them when they fly toward me). The off target TL will give you Wreck and Chain Reaction to help, and an extra 4 seconds of duration over PL to work with.

Thought Lock vs Assassins…

This room will make you love or hate Thought Lock. When you TL any except Oney, they start acting like acrobats on meth, and they can be tricky to hit consistently. There are two solutions:

  1. Screw precision. Lay down spread fire-- Harold, Sand Hawk, whatever you like. That’s an underrated plan. When they’re dodging, they aren’t very threatening. When they’re not dodging, they get aggressive. I prefer to wear them down while they breakdance, instead of letting them dictate the fight.

  2. Throw a singularity, and shoot as their feet hit. They’ll be temporarily stunned, and eat some shots.

Overall, I find that TL is easier against 4x Assassins than PL is, but I find that PL is faster against every other spawn. Your mileage may vary.

This was the mixed spawn. You get to see the crazy behaviors pretty clearly.

Thought Lock vs Cannibal Canyon

The dangers here are going to sound familiar, for the most part:

  1. Surveyors, when you get those. That spawn is a little more annoying with TL than it is with PL, but you get it back against…

  2. The big slag skags. TL turns them into complete non-threats.

  3. Rabid skags. Because of the fact that every spawn creates crossfire over the middle, the safest place to tackle this area is from the doorway. If a rusher gets in there with you, it can get painful very quickly. Rabids are The Worst here. I try to hold TL until I know what is on the field.

Skag specific tip: I often try to get a little start on the damage as they rush, then TL them late. That usually makes it easier to finish them off before TL ends, because their behavior under TL can make them squirrely targets.

This is the ugly one: the 4x Assassin spawn.

In my opinion, this is the hardest spawn in the Peak for Maya. My basic plan of attack is the same, regardless of build or shield.

  1. I drop in the same every time-- to the right, outside the right hand pipe.

  2. When I see the pattern for 4x spawn, I try to get close to the pipe, so I’ll be out of line of sight (LoS) of all but Reeth. I don’t want my shield broken, and I want Rouf and Oney to take steps closer.

  3. As their spawn ins resolve, I throw a singularity just to the right of Reeth, to stun him and yank Oney in.

  4. Turn and immediately throw a singularity near the wall pipe. It should now reach Rouf, Reeth, and Oney. Wott will likely be pinned to the block near his spawn. While throwing the singularity, slide toward Rouf’s spawn.

  5. Continue circling out to singularity and converge kite and manage line of sight.

Do not lose Reeth.


First clip is Sub-Sequence build, using easily farmed gear. Non-elemental SandHawk, Bee. Stuff you can get in one reset plus 30 mins in the Forest. Total time investment to upgrade those is maybe 3 hours, tops.

Finally saw this spawn again. Edited to add without BeeHawk. Used a defensive shield for this one. Same basic plan.


Doc Mercy vs Chain Reboomtion (Sub-Sequence Trickster)

This area plays differently with PL than it does with Thought Lock. When you use TL here, enemies typically move toward the TL target, so the advance toward you is slowed. With PL, singularities become an even bigger asset.

Tips here:

  1. As previously mentioned, try to stun Docs with singularities between PLs. That will keep him from tossing grenades or spraying your location.

  2. When flyers come, get them asap. Throw a singularity at walkers to stun, then PL a surveyor and smash it.

  3. Use Doc to get Chain Reaction and hammer the constructor. Singularity to slow him when he comes out. Repeat.

  4. In my TL recording, I fought the constructor from next to one of the buildings next to it. The missiles could still get me there. It’s better to use the block near where you drop in, as shown here.

This entry is a Peak run using easily farmable gear. The purpose of this one is to show people who are working toward OP8 a specific set of items they can use to get there, without having to reset UVHM, rely on mission turn ins, chase perfect parts, etc. I’be left out Dukino’s Mom, Saturns, and OMG, because those fights generally work the same all of the time.

Build used (credit to @Derch for the basic frame of the skill distribution, refer to his Twisted Pimp build thread and video):

Gear used, and where to get it:
Legendary Siren, loot train
corrosive Bone of the Ancients, loot midgets
Big Boom Blaster, Pyro Pete (or any booster shield)
Quasar, UBA varkids, can substitute any lobbed Singularity

Hornet, Knuckledragger
Hammer Buster, McNally at the Dust
Lyuda (any except slag), Gettle at the Dust
Grog Nozzle, Beard Makes the Man

Bee (used with Hornet on Dukino’s Mom, Saturns), treants in the Forest

You won’t need to upgrade the relic, class mod, or grenade mod. The rest should take around 30 minutes each, when you choose to upgrade them.

Part 1: entry area

Part 2: Scorches

Part 3: Boneheads

Part 4: Doc Mercy

Part 5: Assassins turret spawn

Part 6: Cannibal Canyon

Part 7: last room


Did another run trying to get 4x Assassin spawn. Finally got it. I have lost count of how many runs I’ve done trying to get this for a no BeeHawk clip. Added it to the previous 4x Assassin post.


I’m running the Peak for OP6 soon. Gonna watch the videos, but specifically looking for written/text general advice and tactics for WTH. Haven’t solo’ed him before (always had a gunzerker around). Wiki is almost useless to this end.

Thanks in advance.

PS- Pretty vanilla build. No TL. Leg Siren or Cat COM most likely, Ruin & Scorn & Converge.

He’s not too bad - but get behind the bunker as soon as you can and use cover, peeking out between his missile barrages. Go straight over there as soon as you enter.

I use a Grog for when the missiles graze me but if you’re careful it might not be necessary. Hornet and corrosive Pimpernel are good weapons. Bee works if you’re careful.

Keep in mind (you may know this) but if you slag him while he’s still constructing he will resist slag, so wait till he’s fully constructed before using Scorn or Ruin.

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Some WTH specific tips:

  1. Kiting around the bunker is the most important note.

  2. I would advise slow & steady, rather than trying to rush the fight. It will be tempting to gamble a little to push for more damage. With how fast he is, that can turn into nasty and frustrating situations. Prioritize staying safe.

Now the less commonly noted tips:

  1. The laser attack applies a fire DoT. You can use shields specifically to help mitigate that. Those with elemental resist may work. I prefer a high capacity Big Boom Blaster, because it turns into a booster sprinkler when the DoT hits. I leave those sprinkled around the bunker so I can grab them to replenish shield if I get nervous. Any booster shield works for that trick, but the BBB is my favorite.

  2. Scorn will kill incoming missiles. He will announce when he’s about to fire them, so listen and then throw Scorn when they start coming.

  3. I prefer to use weapons against him which (a) don’t require crits to yield high damage and (b) can be hip fired effectively or at least lack a scope. This is to keep me moving quickly to counter how fast WTF is. If you’re trying to ADS too frequently, he can open up line of sight more than is comfortable.

WTF can be BeeHawked, of course, but pre-firing and letting him walk into it is almost necessary to avoid trouble. I prefer slow & steady with a corrosive Pimpernel.


So, ammo management suddenly sounds like an issue. 132 rounds ain’t much (I tend to use 80-90 on Hyperius’s minions, and that’s taking time to aim relatively carefully). I seem to remember him having quite a bit of health.

You may need a second gun but you should be ok with two ammo pools. There’s a vendor right next to the arena. His health isn’t monstrous - I think the build up of the Peak, plus his name, made me think at first this boss was impossible, or at least raid boss difficulty, but he isn’t. Actually one of the easier Peak bosses (though he has killed me, but only because I was being an idiot lol).

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Yeah, going IN with ammo green across the board, is a given. Guessing that Pimpernel will be first-to-fight, then, with Sandy backing it up and Rubi splitting the two for healz. And a shiny new corrosive PBFG in the crap-my-pants slot. Other on-level alternatives are (well, WILL be) Hornet and Kitten, with an outleveled corrosive Shredifier in reserve.

That last bit, about not being the most difficult Peak boss, is encouraging. It’s been a couple years, but I was sure he was tougher than Saturn for some reason.

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Depends on the gun. A corrosive Pimpernel + Bone easily gets him with one ammo pool. He doesn’t wash slag as fast as raid bosses, thankfully.

This video has jacked up audio. I recorded it before Twitch bugged out on me and tried voiceover. Lots of static, but you can (unfortunately?) hear me talking at times. It ends at WTH:

Adding another that is just WTH from the run I just finished: