Maya's voice has changed

This newest patch has changed Maya’s voice, as far as I can tell eliminating all of her lines except jump grunting and a pair of lines spoken when using phaselock.

And the remaining lines? They’ve been seemingly re-recorded with a new voice actor. A male one, or so it seems.

I wonder if this was done to retroactively match a new voice for Maya’s character in BL3. But I don’t see the benefit of cutting all of her flavor lines and using such an ultra-masculine voice.

EDIT: Maya’s voice reverted back to normal. I swear on me mum’s grave that it did change after the new patch, and did not fix itself after a restart and game file verification. But since no one else has mentioned it, it may have been a problem on my end. The issue resolved after fighting BNK-3R in TVHM.


Is that really true? I don’t see a reason to change her voice just because it would be a different voice actress in BL3, besides a good new voice actress would be able to reproduce her original voice.


Sounds like you had just defeated Jack’s doppelganger and obtained his voice modulator during the mission “The Man Who Would Be Jack”. When you do so, your character’s voice is changed to that of Handsome Jack’s voice. You need this in order to get into the bunker where Angel is. Once you defeat the BNK-3R and enter the security door during “Where Angels Fear to Tread”, your voice returns to normal.



Thanks for correcting me. I wasn’t paying enough attention to what we were doing, mission-wise.

Oh yeah, the voice modulator.

Anyway, thanks for scaring every Maya player who hasn’t been playing the game.