MAYBE 4th Skill Tree is coming with the Level Patch

So we all know that the 4th skill tree is on the horizon, and maybe the level cap is coming with the 4th skill tree. This justifies the level increase perfectly, since we are spreading our points on more skills. This will surely give more options for each VH, and some fresh air for a change. It might be a hopeless hope, but seriously Gearbox. This game is in a terrible shape now, and we are SOOOOO ready for a change. Make this happen. Please.

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And throw in yet another set of variables into the mix to complicate the bugs and imbalances even further?

I don’t think the game is ready for a change. I think the incessant and short-sighted changes Gearbox have been pumping out this year are the root of most of the current problems in the first place.


Yea, I highly doubt they will be inserting a whole crap load of new skills in the same patch as a big balance update. I mean, I would enjoy if they did but I just don’t see it happening on this one.

Doesn’t matter anyway. Even if they manage to fix most of the issues (and tbh I’ve lost faith that they’re able to do so in a reasonable amount of time), as soon as they release another big update like the 4th skill trees, things will be horribly broken again.

Without properly testing stuff beforehands, like Randy already confirmed, new content will always be bound to be severely bugged.


I think adding a new skill tree at this stage is a terrible idea when they haven’t got the ones that exist already working right. I don’t think it’s a good idea to add improvements when the baseline is so sketchy. Not really looking forward to FL4K having another pet that just dies almost as soon as it spawns, for example. And the only thing Moze’s skills are good for is activating IB just so she can jump straight out again and proc an ASE anoint.

Until they get their scaling issues fixed adding another variable into the mix is pretty much guaranteed just to generate even more complaints


this game will only get a chance to be good and optimized after season pass 4 dlc are delivered and gbx can actually sit down to bring some balancing satisfaction to game, that is speaking in what they could do, will they ever do it? probably not.


For many years, I used to have a rule: don’t play games until they’re at least 6 months old. Preferably 12 months old. Rationally, it was the only way that made sense. After that time, bugs have been fixed, nvidia drivers have improved performance for that game, DLC has been released. Mods (if applicable) have been made and ironed out. Games are almost unequivocally in a better state by that time.

The only exception I made was Bethesda games. For those, I wouldn’t wait any less than 12-18 months.

Then I broke that rule last year, and bought BL3 on release. ■■■■■■’ dumbass.


I agree

Question is how much of the playerbase will be left by then…

it does not really matter since bl2 also achieved it’s cult following way after a year into release with all the dlc and head hunter packs out. i bought this game for the long game and i am ready to wait but the pace and direction of the game does leave sour taste in my mouth, will it engooden like bl2? we’ll see from design standpoint bl2 was horribe game from gun parts to legendaries and i can prove it by listing problems but it was still loved and adored, i just want bl3 to be better than that but it has taken same path of obsoletion of gear and content.

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If the 4th skill tree could be something akin to base, universal stats that would be sick. Maybe elemental bonuses, HP and shields, gun damage, etc.
A bit more noticeable than guardian rank, especially when it comes to M10

I agree, there are already enough balancing issues, throwing four new skill trees into the mix could send things into a tailspin.

I’ll say again to Gearbox: slow it down mates… keep it in the oven an extra half hour if it’s not up to temperature yet.

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Why make this thread without substantial evidence. Dont mean to be rude, but there should be more than baseless speculation.

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It’s a valid point, but I think the 4th tree rumours have mostly stemmed from an interview with GBX where they talked about expanding on skill trees instead of bringing new VHs. A lot of people took that to mean we’ll be getting more skill trees, whereas I believe it’s possible they were talking about the ones they’d already done at launch

Can you please link to the source of your information? I know of no announcement or any other kind of statement where Gearbox said they would (definitely) bring out a 4th skill tree. All I’ve seen is conjecture by Borderlands fans.

I’d like to see a 4th skill tree myself, or some other expansion of choices in the skill trees. Not that there isn’t enough already, but, for me, more choice is always better. :slight_smile:

Well, if you followed your rules, you would have missed the semi-fun part of the game. At release, despite it’s flaws at the time, it was entertaining and fun.
You would have bought into the hot mess it’s in now, which any entertainment and fun has pretty much vanished due to all of the broken fix on broken fix…

There you go:

“in your opinion”

Not only his opinion. Also my opinion and by the looks of it the opinion of the majority of forum members.


Oh, I’ve seen the links. I agree that there is evidence regarding the 4th action skill tree. It’s just the timing of when is all speculation at this point.

Please not until things stabilize.