Maybe add a bit of Drop rate increase or server events?

just shooting out a idea here maybe increase story mode drop rates seeing uncommon , or commons only, on advanced hardcore mode is a letdown when running a longer level. especially from bosses or chests. not saying throw out legendary always but rare or epics even could be adjusted?

Also maybe events once in awhile for say exp loot etc something like in borderlands 2 doesn’t have to be weekly just something random like drop rate increased for something of certain major enemy kills …something, just suggestions ideas.

More so this was for drop rate

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Yeah its frustrating to get silver or gold on an advanced hardcore mission and only get common gear, that’s ridiculous. Guaranteed drops should be better on the harder modes.

Thank you I truly agree I ran areas with a set home group on hardcore advance and get only greens and whites tested 20 runs same thing no epics or better in chests or from bosses hence why I feel somethings not right. In drop rates. I hope GBX devs go over this and consider just like drop increases in borderlands 2

Actually, whites are some of the best items. :stuck_out_tongue: Unless you find an item which a good secondary passive trigger (or a good purple which doesn’t have passive triggers), I’ve consistently found whites to be usually better than most green or blue because of the cost. Granted it’s also partially cause so many passive triggers are hard to trigger and/or last for too short a duration to be useful and/or is attached to a near worthless passive considering the trigger…

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What he said whites can be op all depends what your using them for for example a white critical with a negative shield will cost u 0 shards but it’s a op item for thorn ect…

I’m glad that you posted this. Was going to make a thread on terrible loot drops in the story mode. I see people with all legendaries that they acquired in story. They claim they get a legendary nearly every time they beat a boss (Advanced + hardcore). I can say that I’ve yet to obtain anything better than an uncommon from ANY hardcore mission. I get better loot drops in regular core than in hardcore.

What’s the point for me to play/grind Advanced + Hardcore, solo, if I’m getting punished by my loot?! Very frustrating when people are getting really awesome attributes on gear in multiplayer and I can only brag about my limited selection of rare/ok epics.

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In a twitch stream/reddit summary they mentioned that they were considering have a rotating (daily or weekly) mission as a separate public queue and offering some sort of loot incentive to play it.

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I agree still testing from console to pc just greens and whites from 2 people, solo, 3, 4, and five. Was sane over 20 runs each drop rate was abyssmal. since launch I’ve seen 1 legendary drop. Aside from deluxe edition packs. Rest are greens and whites on advanced and hardcore advanced. So please GBX fix the drop rates. This can’t be normal.

142 missions completed - 177 bosses killed - 5 Legendary drops, and the vaaaast majority were whites/green drops. And id say roughly 100 or so of those boss kills were done on Advance Hardcore, which were led to believe gives you an even higher drop chance. Soooo yeah I think a slight increase would be nice. Hell just this morning i did a few archive adv/hc runs and two of the kills the fool didn’t even drop a single piece of loot!! Now that does erk me lol

Anyway rng sucks yes, but I don’t think it should be that bad/low. And loot of certain bosses should be fixed i think, for example running Heliophage on Advance (haven’t done it on hardcore yet) should not drop a Common gear piece… I mean cmon that fight is a lot of fun but is also time consuming and a bit difficult. You should be rewarded for your effort, not asking for a legendary just id say rare and above lol

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Yeah this is exactly why I ask for increased drop rates. Take the time to coordinate the missions for little rewards esp sab on advanced hardcore.

Seconded, a lot. I’m currently on a farming spree on The Renegade after having a look at the drop table and seeing Hylis’ amazing legendaries. I’m 91 runs in, more or less evenly split between normal hc, advanced, and advanced hc. 0 drops. And it’s not like I can just kill the boss, I have to run a full, repetitive 25 minute mission beforehand ultimately leading up to a buzzkill. For all the time I’ve put into this I’m exactly 0 steps closer to my goal. Worst farming/rng experience I’ve had so far in any game, and I have over 1500 hours logged in Warframe. Seriously, this is no fun.

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Something definitely needs to be done about drop rates… There are some people who have played literally 1/4th the amount of missions I have and somehow they possess 10+ legendaries while I’ve only seen ONE drop EVER… and that’s out of me approaching 200 completed missions now in addition to the fact that I spent 100,000 shards on gear packs and didn’t get a single legendary from those either.

Really, it’s all about random luck so some people are going to get amazing drops while other people like me basically never ever EVER ever EVER see a legendary drop. Keep in mind I’ve done plenty of Advanced and Advanced Hardcore runs… almost always I get green gear from them with the occasional blue.

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This exactly! you are so correct feelings are mutual. this does need to be addressed.

Yeah I’ve been farming certain bosses (ISIC, Renegade, few others) knowing they drop certain items I want and it feels like a waste of time. Still yet to get any of the multiple ISIC ones I want and I’ve done that place so many times that I now hate it when it’s arguably the best mission they created. Lately been doing advanced hardcore Renegade on repeat for nothing. Basically a long round of tower defense for a letdown at the end at this point, always drops nothing or a blue/green.

I understand and agree that the legendaries shouldn’t feel like freebies or be guaranteed on higher difficulties, but it’s an absolute pain when you come home from a stressful job and kill your off time running a few advanced/hardcore missions instead of the funner pvp because you think it’s the smarter choice progression wise, just to feel like you wasted your time yet again.

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