Maybe an auction house type thing?

I know plenty of people want to be able to trade gear and such so maybe we could try out an auction market type system. We could sell gear on the market that we don’t want and search for gear we do want and buy it from other players. We could even gain extra skins/taunts we already own as “items” which we could sell on the market so others can have a chance at them instead of those “coin cards” which have been getting constant grievance since launch. Plenty of games have markets like this and they typically work very well and can be quite a lot of fun.

I know there could be issues that might arise with this system such as players asking ludicrous prices and such, but I feel as though the pros would greatly outweigh the cons. I’d love to know what you all think as a community so please feel free to comment!

Imo the gear is a annoying aspect of the game. Too much rng to almost destiny levels. It might not be the worst idea but they’d have to put some real boundaries in place and maybe restrict certain things being sold. Sounds like something they should read here and look into.

I´d be okay with this - but only if its without currencies, just an “Item for item exchange-market”, unbound on rarities.
Currency-bound auction houses in almost any game I came across ruined the “market” and sometimes even the games…
(Like Diablo2 : first gold was legit, then it had to be perfect diamonds, then only runes, then only the highest runes…this screws the market for new players totally…)

I’d want to use in game currency to bid on gear players place on auction similar to eBay style(starting price, buy it now). There’s the potential of microtransactions to buy in game currency though, which could tilt gameplay in favor of whales. But they’d still have to farm the shards in game to activate the gear pieces, so id be okay with this system if ever implemented.

There’s something to the aw of opening up a pack to find a taunt you never knew about, a skin you’ve been wanting though…

This whole idea has been discussed on the forums before:

If I look at the game in its current state, I have to agree with the final statement in that thread, made by @Aeekto.

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Oh damn. I didn’t realize there was already a thread about this lol. Thanks Sm0ker!

Honestly, yea I suppose that is a really good point. I’d still like some type of way to get rid of my useless gear without only getting 10-75 credits when someone else could get some use out of it though. I don’t play with too many people I know well enough to trade with in that manner.

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