Maybe Buff Kleese's Energy Rifts

Kleese’s energy rifts should just automatically restore shields, but maybe at a slower pace. I shouldn’t have to wait 3 seconds to get that shielding. Especially since Ambra’s Sun spots don’t have a timer, and restore health, which is MUCH more valuable than shielding.

Try getting his linked rifts and the upgrade to let you put down 4 at one time. He is pretty weak early game but late game with the correct helix choices he just becomes a god inside of his rifts. If your playing incursion try setting up an area where the healing station is and i think you’ll find not even a Galilea can beat you. Also a big part of his dps is learning to kite with his taser and grabbing the upgrades for it.

Hope that helps!

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Well yeah, I know about all of these strategies. Thanks though. I still think they need a buff…

Maybe they should improve the taser in that the shield energy it drains from the target is added to Kleese’s shield.

That would also be a less overpowered drain compared to Ambra’s, because you do not get anything, when your target’s shield is already drained. Also they could change one skill in the helix to let Kleese acquire additional shield power by rifts/drain as a limited overshield.

There already is a counter to Kleese and that’s shield penetration.

Ambra’s sunspots do not last very long because they get used up by damage or heal, or simply destroyed. Kleese’s Rifts can only be destroyed. If placed out to the line of sight of the enemy, they can stay there indefinitely. Though if you get CDR you can just place another in 8 seconds, but it’ll most likely be off of cooldown. On top of this, it does instant burst damage. And on to top that, it can trigger a chain reaction! Its quite an immense amount of damage that cannot be avoided. Melee hostiles have to enter the Rift to destroy it. Even if you’re watching them do it from afar (which should be done seeing the crazy amount of range) Kleese can just put another down in its wake, causing a chain reaction with insane burst damage that even Galilea would have to question. Kleese require tons of experimentation with play style and positioning. They rightfully labeled him ‘Complex’ for a good reason.