Maybe melee Zane? Maybelee Zane (does it already exist? )

Need a place to write this down for later testing, if someone else wants to try, thank you in advance

Redundant face puncher (x14)

Brawler Ward

Infiltrator (violent momentum as much a possible)

Cryo Hex

Infused White Elephant (fire dmg) /or heal or catpurse

Not sure on how to put points here struggle to decide between praemunitus/pocket full of grenades/duct tape mod/supersonic man
Maybe I’ll put the points from borrowed time into praemunitus and supersonic man

Use barrier with infiltrator to nuke shield if it reloads.
White elephant crits brainfreeze enemies, tripling damage.
Damage potential could be pretty high.
I heard melee Zane has been made already, haven’t found it, apparently I can’t even use Google right. screw it.

Ideas? Opinions? Results?

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I’ve tried melee Zane many times (pioneered Melee Zer0) and I have not been able to get it to work in any permutation.

Tried a variety of melee artifacts with facepuncher and using psycho stabber instead as well. Haven’t tried in any builds that consistently get freezes.

There’s a few issues though:
Zane doesn’t have ANY melee damage or non-gun damage that would work with melee builds (ToTL doesn’t/won’t).
Zane doesn’t have enough gun damage to carry the Facepuncher’s base sucking
Facepuncher can’t crit, most of Zane’s damage come from crits
Zane doesn’t get bonus damage, so the damage the Clone would do from DB would just be the Clone’s.

It’s also difficult in a Facepuncher build to keep your shield from regenerating for Ward when Zane is built around having his shield regenerate and so are guardian ranks (which most Zane players probably already have).

Facepuncher can’t crit but white elephant bombs can, right?
Yeah, if you have the shield recharge after kill perk, this build is doomed.
To be fair this build is more a facepuncher build than it is a melee build, kinda misleading name.
Damage wise hm we have
Face-puncher times 2 (or is it times 14)?:thinking:
Melee increase 300%+60%
Infused relic x1,8
Gun damage 20%(x movementspeed)+20%+25%+40%+15%+20%
Barrier x1,14/1,25
Frozen x3

Big unknown variable is the clone, that’s what I’m curious about. He will get most of the bonuses listed, if he can use your relic effects to some extend.
Gun damage increase of merely 100% is super underwhelming tbh. But hey…

The most damage I’ve gotten out of my Facepuncher has been ~7k while frozen with a +50% melee class mod and +25% melee relic and a +300% brawler’s ward.

I’m not sure how to do any better than that, I just don’t think the build is particularly strong. I don’t have a white elephant so I couldn’t test it with crit damage, but it does allow the gun to crit.

Wow, if that is everything it’s really really sad. :joy:

The most damage I got in general was with a buttplug and that was 17k but almost impossible to maintain because I do have the guardian perk.

IMO it’d have to be with a dedicated playthrough and godlike items to make it even work.

Then there is the concern on how to freeze enemies without breaking the flow of the build to enable the bonus damage.

Well I thought if you and the clone shoot at crit spots applying whites elephant charges, that detonate and crit and then proc brainfreeze you could get the freeze naturally
Not with butt plug though

True, it could work if the damage justifies it.

Buttplug is actually unusually good at freezing a single target, but does no damage comparatively. The 17k I did with all those items + its 110% bayonet with the time it took me to set it all up wasn’t as good as just shooting the enemy with a Recursion once.

Not saying Facepuncher is bad in a Zane build, but that getting it to be your main source of damage seems unlikely

Why not? When looking at the numbers, Zane does not have that much damage boosts anyway and a single artifact with 80% elemental damage to melee is about the same or a higher damage bonus than most variants have anyway, so if he does not get buffed it might not actually be that much worse if you can manage a workaround for the shield regeneration (that star shield shooting 500 damage homing projects when meleeing something sounds quite interesting as well).

To get around, and if you have got the right items, you could try it with Rough Rider built. Roid Rough rider (biggest problem would be that melee on action skill end would not be that usable), Facepuncher (would be interesting to know, if Cryo while SNTL is active works) and as much melee damage boosts you can get (mod can have 50%, artifact can have 25% + elemental damage) which would give you 215% general melee damage, 100% melee damage on action skill end (if not going cryo, though ammo return while clone is active seemed to get a bit bonkers when duration gets increased, so there might be a possibility that it could work as well) and 80% elemental damage, which does not sound too bad and could work (nobody said it would have to be OP).

I don’t think we get around brawler ward 4% heal/sec, 300 melee and 25% weapon damage is unrivaled. If you stay in people’s faces you should be able to keep your shield low. With digital distribution and maybe some damage reduction on gear you should be able to just run around an get enough dmg to keep your shield off. Theoretically

Is there a way to self strip the shield of the clone? Currently running non-mayhem and yeah damage is lackluster compared to melee amara and melee fl4k that i have.

I don’t think so, well there’s that emp grenade that does insane dmg to shields but barely any to health

Because using 4+ gear slots and ~30 skill points to do 7k damage a shot isn’t as good as just finding a gun that’ll do that much damage by clicking the trigger once with 0 skill points invested. Also, you run into the issue of Shields/Armor reducing your elemental damage further.

A long musket that you crit with for .5s will do more damage than a Facepuncher with a trinket, class mod, shield, build, and gun (ofc) all dedicated to it.

That and you need perfect rolls for each one of those pieces, and I’m sure an anointment to make it work too.

I just got an Ice Breaker White Elephant today. I will retest again.

This time I am testing a critical hit on a frozen enemy with white elephant and Facepuncher with Playin’ Dirty 8/5.

Hey, my shield keeps regening even though i don’t have shield regen skills nor gear. Possible that the clone regen shield also using the white elephant?

Trick of the Light SEEMS to work with melee? Can’t guarantee, trick of the light is tricky anyways.

White elephant bombs MIGHT have synergy with Speed x Damage skills but I have yet to try testing that for sure. Also, their inconsistent nature makes it a little difficult to do anything CONFIDENTLY

I’ve had decent luck with a snowdrift white elephant and meleeing when in close quarters, but it’s not something I’d build around yet?

white elephant shouldn’t have anything to do with shields. there is a guardian skill where you instantly start regenerating shields after a kill. If you have that, any shield depletion build is dead.

Also you will regen shields if you don’t take damage based on your recharge delay, if you have any - recharge delay on items or guardian ranks your shield will come back faster.

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I dont have the guardian rank perks.

A few seconds after i break the shield via executor com it regens so fast, i used a ward and a rough rider with +shield capacity.

I triple check my skills and i don’t have shield regen. I save and quit it is still there.

I experience this whenever the clone is deployed, if not my shield is not regening.

Shield regen on kill is always a fun interaction for melee builds. My claws Gaige worked on a cool down for that :joy: