Maybe Sli Issue?

I don’t know if I’m the only one to experience this problem. I do watch my CPU usage in task manager on my other monitor while I’m playing. For some reason when I’m playing borderlands 2, I hear my cards kick on with a high pitch sound. I’ll be able to play for about 5 to 10 minutes and then I’ll start to notice some artifacting going on and then it’ll lock up and i’ll have to go to task manager. The CPU is only getting used to about 25% but when it locks up it goes to 100% for a second then back to zero then when i’m able to get the game going again back to 20-25%. After that it’ll keep freezing up and I’m going to say it’s probably my video cards. I’ve had this issue on Windows 8.1 and I just upgraded to 10 but now I’m feeling like I should revert to 7 or something.
I don’t understand as I can play GTAV for hours on end and the game doesn’t lock up or anything unless somehow the older game is not utilizing the card correctly as I was thinking of getting a 1080 TI to replace my SLI setup.
I do have my GPU’s set to use maximum power under the nvidia control panel.
I do also have the latest drivers, I also downloaded the DX9 June 2010 from another thread. I have looked around and I don’t think I’ve seen anyone have the same issue I’m having.
I have a 2 EVGA 780 TI Classified
3960x i7 3.8ghz
16 GB G skill ram
EVGA x79 Classified Mobo.

Windows 10 and Borderlands 2 seem to be tricky for some configurations. I’d suggest taking a look in this older post for clues:

Also this one:

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I had CPU z and Nvidia inspector just opened while playing this time and my gpu was only about 38% and it froze. I thought maybe it was getting used more than that but I guess not. I’ll look into it more when I have more time.

Yeah, I noticed the same thing, along with my CPU usage dropping, if I remember correctly. It was strange. You can check out my thread if you’re curious, it also has a few performance tweaks in there (Making dead bodies disappear earlier, etc).

As for what’s going on… It might be a driver issue. Have you tried cleanly reinstalling your GPU drivers?

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Good luck fixing this issue. I made a huge post here and on reddit asking for help from ANYONE but mainly from people who know about video game development. I was hoping to fix the game without the developers help, but no one wanted to actually help. I had hundreds of messages in my inbox from people who wanted me to succeed but because i didn’t have the knowledge, and the tools necessary to take apart physx, i couldn’t do anything.

The developers will not update this game no matter how much people complain and no matter how much money we offer them. We are royally screwed.

Here is the thread if anyone is interested. It has a lot of good info on optimizing the game.

I just did a brand new install of Windows 10 which I’m sure is the big problem. I would have guessed that they could have made a patch when they made the handsome collection to make them work better on the newer OS since they ported and I’m sure had to touch up certain things in the games for the consoles. I guess that’s a bit much to ask for in the long run to make the fans happy.

Not sure what the full list looks like, but the ports of both BL2 and TPS did include graphics upgrades and 60 fps. Each port (ie BL2 and TPS) was handled by a different 3rd-party studio. There’s still a few odd bugs in the XB1 version of BL2 and TPS (audio glitches amongst other things). I don’t think anything was added that would not have already been in the PC version, though.