Maybe stop listening to the community

I love this game, however, these recent changes the community are “clamoring for” seem to be making the game worse.

First was the automatic re-queue…which in my experience only holds up for less than 5% of winning matches and 1% of losing ones. I know this code existed from beta so it wasn’t a huge waste of time… but I personally prefer the old method. You could always form teams if you wished…

Now there’s meaningless divisions of the player base into casual, competitive and spotlight. Doesn’t everybody basically want a game that is as quick and balanced as the system can possibly figure out? This seems a case of trying to make every player 100% happy and pleasing nobody. I would recommmend going back to queue by game type, and adding a fourth option to allow players to queue for ALL or multiple types…which should help improve speed and matchmaking accuracy instead of what this is doing…creating delays.


I saw no one in the community asking for the removing of maps and the increase to queue times. So the problem is not that they listen. It’s that they think they hear things that they dont.


Well actually people asked for shorter wait times and other people asked for competive play.
So they split the playlist to short wait times and competative with skilled based matchmaking its what we wanted however we didnt want to not be able to choose our mode. I get why then did it though the game not big enough to split the playlists into 6.
I am getting faster games so its different for everyone. After a week or so gearbox will be able to see if its faster or not.


I’m confused. It went from three different queues, to, again, three different queues. That’s not splitting it at all. If anything they’re more consolidated since the Spotlight queue is only one map of a particular gametype.

With the player bases being low as they are, merging the gametypes into one queue, being Casual, accomplished the goal of having shorter wait times. Granted the prefered gametype may not be chosen, but matches are still formed quicker.

To do it any other way, would most likely be more of the same, loosening the ELO parameters, causing even more dismay to those looking for more of a competitive environment.

The Competitive queue has been phenomenal in forming competitive matches, in my experience so far. Again, granted it may not be the prefered gametype, they are still good matches.

I look at the Spotlight queue as an option for competitive players that truly want to play a particular map/gametype, but may not have been able to play it as it may not be chosen in the Competitive queue often.

I do think, though, that the current map/gametype for the Spotlight queue should be removed from the Competitive queue so that there is a larger variety, since players can queue for the map/gametype in the Spotlight queue, if they wish to play and othed can play other maps/gametypes.

So far I’m fan of the changes.


ditto! ever since the pvp update i don’t receive red bars as often anymore (ps4/hawaii). + i’m not really letting the “limited options” bother me because i know eventually gbx plans on bringing in more content into the game, which i’m totally stoked for! however, everyone likes their tea different.


I have actually not gotten a competitive or spotlight to queue at all when I have attempted on and off this holiday weekend, although it was working somewhat well for the first two nights. Wait time for me seems to be up to an hour. So I would have to counter that no-tea is not a type of tea?

If I can’t convince you that Spotlight and Competitive are nearly the exact same thing and that every queue for casual is a tiny failure of the system, then I guess we just will disagree. If people are taking less loot and often-bad matchups just so they don’t have to wait for a more balanced game…I consider it a symptom of a serious issue myself.

Competitive and Spotlight essentially are the same queue, and I didn’t try to make a point saying otherwise. They both use the same matchmaking parameters regarding ELO to find matches.

Spotlight may be fracturing players from the Competitive queue, but as a whole, the changes from the old queues to these new queues, it went from three to three.

Casual is more consolidated, and helps the players whom were unable to find any matches whatsoever, and personally I haven’t had any issues so far with the Competitive queue on my platform.

I will say though that the old system was equally bad in pairing me with extremely inexperienced players relative to my skill level with the loosened ELO range, so I don’t care that the Casual queue will match me with such players. If I want good matches, I will queue into the Competitive queue.

I agree that the changes are treating the symptoms, but just like in life, sometimes the illness isn’t treatable, and lessing the severity of the symptoms is the only option.

The illness in this case is a low player base. Since you can’t force players to play a game, GBX can only treat the symptoms.

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Ah, that’s not quite…

Okay, they’re already not listening. What they have done is a few bones thrown our way based upon non-major issues in the hopes that it would shut us up.

What they regularly do is change things (badly) to harm the game (so much so that it sometimes looks like sabotage) based upon their own viewpoints. They then shout those viewpoints at us in Battleplans and ‘community communications.’

What they’ve forgotten is that communication is a two-way street. You can’t just throw out the odd solution and hope that’ll make every other problem go away.

I wish they would have more of a two-way street communication with them, as it is I just think they’re being stubborn. Which… is not a great way to make a lot of money! And that stubbornness is at least 50 per cent the reason Battleborn isn’t doing as well as it could be.

It’s a shame, really. I love this game. I do. I love its characters and I still enjoy playing it. I can’t say I’m very fond of the people handling the mechanics and community communications, though…

The spotlight should help Kleese with his lore…

Dragonwell, loose, green, steeped for 43 seconds, with water before it boils-and honey

I personally love the way it’ll keep a group together after the match, especially if the group I’m in works really well… I’ve been in some PUG’s where I knew no one and we played 5 or 6 games together in a row, winning all of them…

Where as prior to that the group would have gotten broken up…