Mayhem 1 vs Mayhem 2

Quick question…

And before you answer I am NOT INTERESTED in answer like “Mayhem is easy, go Mayhem 3”
Some of us are older or sicker or something and Mayhem is not that easy…

Now, to my question, I was doing TVHM on Mayhem 1 and it was starting to get almost easy since I got legendary SMG, Rifle and Grenade (only Corrosive and Electric legendary damage so far).
So I thought of trying Mayhem 2.

Mmhh… I think I am more than twice as slower… But since loot seem twice as good as Mayhem one (i.e. Mayhem 1 is +100% loot = x2, and Mayhem 2 is +300% = x4), is it worth sticking to Mayhem 2?
i.e. is there any legendary I can’t get in Mayhem 1 and should farm 2 if I could?

Just do what’s comfortable. If you have a variety of decent gear, then yeah sure you can move up to Mayhem 2. You just need to pay attention to the modifiers for each zone and think about the enemies you’ll be facing. Sometimes it’ll be easy. Other times it won’t. Mayhem Mode is a very flawed system.

I though staying on Mayhem 1 might be more enjoyable… But I wanted the chance to get the unique Mayhem 2 legendary (someone mentioned that in a youtube video, not sure whether it’s true or not)

It’s okayish… But I am starting to die again… and I noticed it because many a time there was no mob around to mop for second wind… (or sometimes I couldn’t see them in time, I really need new glasses! :confused: )

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Uh. I’m unaware of legendaries being locked behind certain Mayhem Mode difficulties. Yeah, it happens. Checking the mini-map has been useful to me.

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Might have been hogwash… might go back back to Mayhem 1 after I kill the (first) vault guardian.
I stopped yesterday right after he killed me and my character is right next to it…
It was OK, but the circle of fireballs when it transforms is a killer :frowning:
But I found out, before logging out, I have a good purple shield with 20% fire immunity! :smiley: