Mayhem 10 alternative

Am I the only one who just wants the Mayhem 10 added difficulty scaling, but without the modifiers? The modifers don’t make the game any more fun, challenging, or entertaining. Just makes the game more annoying and intolerable. This may just be me, as I don’t have the time to spend hours upon hours farming for the God roll gear or rolling for the most tolerable of modifiers. For me, the spinners and Death are the worst, but they seem to populate on every roll. It sucks clearing a area and then either waste ammo destroying the now spinner covered floor(as it seems EVERY enemy drops one, not just ‘on occasion’) or you’re dodging and wasting ammo taking out multiple death skulls. The others like the puddles or elemental resistance enemies are tolerable, but again, not fun or enjoyable- they’re just a nuisance.

Maybe I’m alone in feeling this way. But I just wish there was a mayhem mode that allowed you to get the better Mayhem locked gear, with the enemies scaled up to mayhem 10, but not having the annoyance of modifiers and being able to just play the game. I may not be so bad if action skills and/or pets attacked the things, but I don’t think that’d reduce the annoyance factor to a noticable degree.


No, you’re definitely not the only one. Most people seem to hate the modifiers.

I actually like the spinners and ensure that I always play with them, because they’re excellent for second winds. They’re still annoying, but they save my hide all the time so they’re worth it.

Similarly, when I was using a Recursion before the nerf, I used to always play with the invulnerability drones, as they basically made things easier since they aided the bullets to bounce around.

On the whole, I also find modifiers more annoying than fun though.

They need individual incentives for the different modifiers. The death skulls are a cool idea, but get tedious. Though if using them came with, say, a 15% boost in XP, I’d probably be much happier to use them

I want it without the modifiers and without the player scaling
Only enemy scaling
So there will be finally some point that only the badassest badasses can reach

This has to be the single most requested subject right now, other than UI fixes that has been here since launch. Mayhem 10 needs serious attention so hopefully gearbox has a plan.


I don’t mind the modifiers damage, I can deal with that.
What I can’t deal with is all the visual pollution that goes along with them. I am really tired of firing blind into a sea of flame, acid, and shock overload, relying on the freakin’ minimap for my aim points.
Just makes it not fun.


Modifiers are sub-optimal, but the problem is that just purely increasing everything with a certain percentage as the Mayhem levels go up is also not the solution as it does not really make the game harder, it only makes enemies more tanky and as you get Mayhem scaled weapons you will start to one shot even the highest Mayhem level enemies.

The modifiers by changing the game play loop and requiring you to think on your feet as it were may come across as annoying, but in reality the annoyance is due to the increased difficulty (more things to think about at any one time) they bring to the table.

The only modifiers I despise are the ones like Galaxy Brain that is completely immersion breaking (I know that the Borderlands games are already very not real world like, but having everything have heads like bobble heads that clip through armor and other stuff is just next level immersion breaking), and the one that removes FFYL as FFYL is a key Borderlands concept with us from BL1.

Even Diablo 3 have to add spinners and other stuff that force a change in game logic and the game play loop at max level to increase difficulty beyond what a simple percentage increase in all stats can accomplish.

Also the most difficult setting in the game at max level is supposed to be annoying (requiring one to think on the go) and not a face roll experience.

You’re not alone.

If feel like this also:

Though damage-immunity modifiers are really painful on some dedicated builds (ie. corrosive Moze, electric Amara, cryo Zane)

I can understand partly, but the Diablo 3 conparisons get me. The only enenies who drops spinners and the like are the elite enchanted mobs, not EVERY enemy. If that was the case where it’d be badasses and bosses that dropped those items and had the buffs, I’d be all for it. But when clearing a stage and the stage is literally covered in spinners and you have 3 or more Death skulls chasing you, it isn’t fun or hard, just purely annoying. That’s my issue. I want a challenge- but not one of just pure annoyance to see how long I go before getting tired of it and moving to something different.

And yes, the gameplay breaking ones like Galaxy Brain that render some bosses/enemies either outright impossible due to now covering the hit spots or limiting it is quite irritating.

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The buddy system one makes me mad sometimes too, sometimes the immune drone will fly into a wall and if it’s the last remaining mob and you’re in FFYL and can’t hit the drone because it’s behind some part of the map?
That’s just rough.

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I think my biggest issue outside the buggy issues like that is that things like action skills and everything don’t target them, occasionally my drone goes after a skull on my Zane, but that’s hit or miss. It is funny to have the skull circle my clone though. But then things like Iron Bear won’t attack it, Fl4ks pets won’t, and Amaras skills(my least used so I may be wrong) dont seem to effect them either though at all.