Mayhem 10 Cartel loot to trade

I have the Cost-Effective Optimized O.P.Q System in STNL +100 cryo ass rifle
Yellowcake launchers
Hazardous Grease Trap pistol
Series Circuit Fish Slap grenade
Evolutionary Firewall shield

LF : any other annointed O.P.Q rifles
Annointed LOBS especially +200
Good mods for siren, (zerkers and drivers)
Recurring Hex grenades with +25 on thrown, lev 57 only
Shredifiers, annointed

Thanks , I am conch8 on XBox1

Nothing really stands out. If you run into any redistributors tho. Let me know. I have a shock sandhawk 200% asa that shreds… I assume it would destroy on fl4k. Haven’t played with mine yet… I main Zane so day 1 I focused on soloing the takedown. With mh4 gear and actually was able to beat it. I even clipped it o Xbox. :slight_smile: and since then I am farming for my good old fashioned redistributors! I miss them!! Lol and it’s hard to get the right aniontments. Any other Zane cryo weapons?

I will scour the earth for distributors for you. The sandhawk is tops on my wishlist.
Thanks, again, nice to meet you.
Stay safe.

Well do you have anything else meta for any class or other Zane gear? And awesome. Thanks

I have Hellshock STNL, I would gladly just send that to you if it helps. I just got Unlimited Firesale Anarchy 933x20 fire, ASE next two +50 cryo.
Have two worthy Fl4k mods - Cosmic Stalker, Hunt skill power is increased by 25%, with +28weapon, +35 shotgun and +35 smg, another one , same name but with, +35 smg, +35 shotgun and -20 damage reduction.

Is that hellshock a mh10?

Yep, I love it for normal mobbing, I will send it to you shortly.

Copy. After I am done with the takedown I will mail you the sand hawk.

You’re bringing tears to my eyes… lol, thanks, buddy

I have two accts and I double farm Giga, M10 and he drops lots of Hellshocks.

I have an M10 Maggie too if you want

Do you have a 2nd M10 sntnl hellshock in that case? I got 57 hex on throw 25 in both radiation and shock.

You bet, I just need a little time to get them together

Sounds good, which element you prefer? I just woke up, I’ll be on in an hour or so and can send it. What’s GT?

Stray, sent the Hellshock, if I have a choice I will take the 57 Recurring Hex 25 on throw in RAD. Thx, bud. Let me know if there is anything else you are looking for.

sorry, getting tired

Sent the Hellshock. If I have a choice I will take the 57 Recurring Hex 25 in RAD. Let me know if there is anything else you are looking for. Thanks.

My GT is conch8

I’m looking for any of the meta sntnl cryo 100 gear mostly in M10, I’ll send across both when you find another item that suits just send that after

Sent both. This is what I’m after if you find anything

If you still have a Mayhem 10 Hellshock I would be interested. The only thing I have from your list is the OPQ Mayhem lvl 10 with 300% dmg against enemies over 90% health.

Sure thing, gizwots. Let me know your GT and I will send it pronto. The OPQ 300/90 would be great. I also have the OPQ STNL if your are interested.

My GT is conch8