Mayhem 10 Conference call feels weak

mayhem 10 Conference call feels weak , hellwalker is even weaker , the ripper with a 300% dmg anointment does no damage ( i liked using this gun against captain traunt because when you melee him it expose his weak spot ) , The vladof faisor feels underperforming too

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i felt that the faisor underbarrel still deals acceptable damage with moze

I feel this way about a few things that got chewed up and spit out in the switch.

Rowans Call

Dahl AR’s - MOST of all the Kaos and Helix but even the JuJu I got at level 9

Ion Cannon- this one puzzles me, I know the Yellowcake splits into four but shouldn’t an x2 cannon where the base damages for both are double the damage with Active and Sentinel cryo annointments do good work?

Hyperfocus didnt scale well


x2 Little Yeeti with sentinel cryo at M10- this one also baffled me why it could shine

Laser Sploder

My poor Lobs …I held on to them since they were TERRIBLE. To be honest (because of the red text) I’d though maybe it would be like BL2 Tiny Tina DLC and there was going to be a sword and sorcery DLC that they would shine in

I don’t know about the Maggie yet. I’ve had 23 drop at M8-10 so far and EVERY singe one was either jump or slide annointment…not joking.

I’m really hopeful that the Dev Update about balancing will bring some major shake up to these issues though. Plus, scaled veteran loot machine sets my daydreams on fire. I’ve got a TVHM playthough of GL&T played up to and intentionally paused right before Cold Case starts. Gonna’ GET me that Mayhem10 7th Sense!

Feel your pain, hang tough!

Pretty much all the old fun shottys barely tickle.
So many weapons neutered :frowning:

That’s why the developers are going to re-balance Mayhem 10 with the upcoming Patches by nerfing the current top tier weapons while lowering the Mayhem 10 shield/armor/life values.

So old legendary weapons can perform well on Mayhem 10.

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This is true. However, in all complete honesty, the old weapons should never have been neutered to the point they currently are.
This is a direct result of rushing out Mayhem 2.0 without proper testing.
And ignoring what the community was discussing leading to the release.
So much could have been avoided…


True - some things seem rushed and GBX does a lot of mistakes but as long as they’re willing to improve the game experience and communicate once in a while (I’m still glad they posted their phase1/2 plans) I will accept that they’re not perfect as I just love the Borderlands franchise.

99% of the weapon cannot really used for bossing , 98% can be used atleast for mobbing . breath of dying is complete trash btw

I found an MH10 300 v2 Hellwalker and it’s hot garbage.

The system is very flawed.
Now you need to get the weapon at an M10 level, then drop down to find the sweet spot where it can actually be used.
Definitely not a fan on how this turned out…

Faisor underbarrel is really good , and with the 300/90 anointment faisor is a good weapon