Mayhem 10 drop rates are a joke

Just wanted to rant somewhere…
30 cartel bosses in clap trap pit and just 4 legendaries ?!?
A run of the mansion, 3 to 9 legendaries, all trash.
For weeks. And now they announced that the event is over.
Way to go 2K…


4 from clap trap pit?

you sure you were on mayhem 10? i got like 20 or so

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Probably is, I had a run in there on M10 involving Tenderiser who promptly healed Clappy Prime several times so fight took around 20 to 30 min.

I think there was only 1 or 2 legendaries dropped the whole time.

It can be horrible in there if RNG goes against you.

10 next to the skull means mayhem 10, right?
So yes, I’m sure, and it’s been like that for a while.

It’s not RNG, it’s non-existent drop rate.
6 bosses in a row and no legendary? How’s that RNG?


That’s an odd drop rate. I’m not using any luck boosters, just 12.83% from guardian ranks, and I get a ton of legendary drops. You know… 95% of them are bad, but still.

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Still a few more days until the 4th

Those mobs have no guaranteed drop, therefore it is RNG.

Don’t get me wrong I agree things should be better and hopefully with this weeks patch it will start to do so.


If you are on PSN and need something you have not managed to get by event end I’ll be happy to send you some gear as I have a few variants I’m hanging on to.

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yeah most of the tike the bossss drop purples greens blues. Ive killed a couple hundred cartel bosses.

I have great stuff after awhile but still. Thr drop rates in my ezperience was alnost non existant. Id sapwn 3 fishs slaps at once and i got two grenades and entire 4 hours spawning them nonstop. And no joke the game.loves giving me fishslap and byte

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Try split screen farming.
Two controllers.
Two profiles, both toons must be lvl 57.
We call it double dipping.
You will be surprised how much loots dropped with quality anointments.

Same I had 3 Fishslap bosses spawn at same time wile on Amara with my precious recursion Dropped quite a bit of purple epic gear I’m not trying farm them though I’m trying farm Josie Byte for OPQ System with 1.5 weapon zoom and on action skill end gain bonus elemental damage either on next 2 mags or for a short time but almost all the OPQ SYSTEMS that drop have the 5.0 or 2.6 zoom scope which I don’t use or they drop with lower than mayhem 10 weapon damage stats while playing on mayhem 10 or anointments not right lol