Mayhem 10, guns worth farming?

I’m kind of stuck just using the Flipper with lvl 60 Moze.

I’d love player’s suggestions.


I’m already thinking Reflux.

What build are you using?

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Difficult to tell you as my antivirus doesn’t let me take in-game photos.

I am just looking for players generic feelings about what’s worth getting.
I was parking Moze on that ledge above the last boss and just trying the different things I had picked up.

Of the things I had, Flipper is able to melt the last boss, various others like Light Show would do some damage but not nearly so much. At any rate, irregardless of my exact build, what guns do you use at Mayhem 10? That’s probably what I should ask.

I’ve been using almost any gun lately with Moze.

If you want something to compare with the Flipper then your best bet is the monarch.

If you like launchers the plauguebearer, backburner, plumage, and Mongol are good.

Miscreant and unkempt Harold are nice.

There are tons of viable guns with the right moze builds though.


Hmmmm. Thanks.

It’s clearly a weakness…I’m not spending much time exploring different builds.

Here is my build for moze.
The skills stop at level 55 so there are extra for wherever you feel like.
This has the highest damage using a blast master and pearl but you can use any artifact and a blast master, green monster, mind sweeper, or sapper COM.

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Thanks very much! I’ll look through Borderlands Web Site, looking for how to make that useful picture of my skills…

Used your link!

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Not bad I’d recommend click click if you go to use launchers instead of iron bank. Other than that not a bad build a little IB centric for me but still usable.

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Pistols the Becon and Hellshock are both top DPS performers regardless of anointments, set up or other factors. Using consecutive hits anoint or the relic from guns love and tent makes them shred without needing to dump as much ammo. Maggie is still a personal favorite but you will want some extra raw gun damage or a good anoint to make it truly powerful. The Devastator can also do some amazing things with Splash damage builds.

For Shotguns The Lob and Anarchy are two of the best iv experienced the Robin’s Call and Recursion are also quite good but the Recursion is very inconsistent right now with the changes to projectile spawns and it uses a ton of ammo.

I find by comparison a number of SMGs are currently not performing great unless they are accompanied by complementary anointments and or builds. The Flipper is great with a number of anointments Kybs worth is fantastic with Splash damage, proprietary license is a decent SMG with any anointments that can bump its raw damage or splash damage. Cutsman can be good but like the recursion its slower and inconsistent.

Assult rifles I really only use two in M10. The Monarch and Clairvoyance. The Clairvoiyance is just nuts it’s like a sniper rifle that consumes AR ammo. The Monarch is proof that speed can kill complementary anoints and builds make it devastating across most situations.

The Krakatoa Sniper is also something I use as a hail mary against solid enemies it ends up running you out of SR ammo if you lean on it to much.

Those are pretty much my go two items for playing M10. Hope you find something to your liking :slight_smile:


If you can put your hands on a Dowsing Rod with the 300/90 anointment you can have a lot of fun against mobs with the underbarrel grenade launcher.

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I’ve been getting stuff that I’ve never gotten before because I hate farming, like Hive or Crossbow.
Love this event <3

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My inventory at the moment with that moze build I put earlier is this.
Equiped: mongol with 160 splash, Zheitsev with 50$ damage to under 25%, Redline with 100 shock N2M, unkempt Harold with 1% consecutive, rico with sliding refills, spring epicenter with 25% gt, blast master 1 to MoD 1 to Redistribution 3 to vampyr, and a moxxi endowment with 16 luck and 3521 health.

In my inventory(won’t be as descriptive):
Guns; Bloom, miscreant, moomfire, unforgiven, flipper, breath of the Dying, soulrender, kaos, monarch, Clairvoyance, ogre, Dictator, Brainstormer, trevonator, Anarchy, Dakota, garcia, tiggs boom, plumage, hedgehog, Plaguebearer, eridian fabricator, sandhawk, Krakatoa, firestorm. Shields; Aegis all in, stop gap, transformer, initiative.
Grenade; Firestorm, Cloning maddening tracker, money alley oop tracker.
COM; mind sweeper, sapper, green monster.
Artifacts; safeguard with 11% movement speed for GTD, otto idol with shotgun and corrosive damage for green monster and Anarchy, and pearl with mag size for sapper.

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A consecutive Hits Beacon is quite powerful on Moze.

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Thanks very much for your thoughts! I don’t think I have an M10 Monarch or Clairvoyance. I’ll fix that!

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Thanks everyone. Much appreciated. I’ll write some down and …farm!

Here is a list of dedicated drops and who drops them. You can look up any that seem interesting :smiley:

I’ve been using it to keep track of what I don’t have/have never had


Thank you.