Mayhem 10 Iron Cub is Godlike now Iron Cub Moze Build -Iron Cub Buff/Hotfix

Heya Buddies, A huge Iron Cub Buff recently got added from the hotfix which gave us Mayhem 10/11 Scaling for him so of course I wanted to give it a shot immediately. I tried my best to make a Iron Cub Focused Mayhem 10 Level 65 build & Woowee it is tasty. By mixing the Capstone from the new skill tree, the Midstone from the Blue/Green/Red skill tree I believe I found Iron Cub’s True Power.

Here is the skill tree build I use: Clicky-Clicky

Click Here for Build Showcase:

Important Gear/Keypoints: There isn’t a lot to go over with this build its pretty straightforward, we are using a Flare set up to increase both Moze & Iron Cub Damage. Since we are trying to focus on Iron Cub all of our Weapons on Moze has the Anointment: While Iron Bear Active Increase Damage w/ Railgun 100% . I found Railguns to deal the most amount of damage so we are focusing on that. The Railgun of Choice is the chain lighting one since it does an excellent job at bossing & Mobbing. Other weapons you can use on Iron Cub that I found to be good is Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher, & Flame Thrower. Fist are gimmicky but fun and Don’t bother w/ Machine guns. Since the Anointment: While Iron Bear Active Increase Damage w/ Railgun 100%. Is available for every weapon type I would just try to make sure you have the correct anointment in hand that matches your favorite Iron Cub Weapon before deploying. I am currently using the Plasma Coil as my go to weapon since its OP and even if I don’t optimize Moze’s On Foot damage I am still able to easily deal Millions of damage with a few shots. I use a Recurring Shock Hex to easily allow both fire and shocks dots to help build stacks. We Don’t have any Skill Points for refunding our action skill when on cooldown since we have the anointment on our shield: When exiting Iron Bear Kills Increase Cooldown rate. Please not that When exiting Iron Bear works as ASE so when Iron Cub is gone this anointment works. Same goes for all " When Exiting Iron Bear " Anointments

My Go to Strategy: So basically just summon Iron Cub & go wild with whatever weapon. Thats it, Iron Cub does most of the heavily lifting although he can be stupid sometimes he is able to clear all enemies with his chain lightning gun. Everything for the most part is automatic since we have 20% when damage free grenade throw, so we have free grenades being thrown out helping Iron Cub’s Fuel and you’ll probably be tempted to hit enemies so just keep shooting enemies around you. Since we have flare bonus damage helping both you and Iron Cub, both will have an easy time killing any enemies as long as you are using some kind of meta weapon to shoot with.

Important Notes for Building your own Iron Cub Build: Desperate Measures doesn’t affect Iron Cub damage (stupid imo). Stainless Steel Bear does give bonus damage plus fuel Bonus (after hotfix nov 19). Scorching RPMS does give damage bonus to Cub and it gives the bonus crit damage(after hotfix nov 19). Specialist Bear, Really Big Guns & Dakka Bear are skill points that works for giving Iron Cub Direct Bonus Damage. All Splash Damage/Area of Effect Damage Multipliers work for Iron Cub so Artifacts Class Mod & Skill Points.

Alrighty I believe thats it. The Build is a ton of fun and I would love for you guys to try it as well. Feel free to offer suggestions on how to make this better. Alrighty that’s all I have for today, Have a great day everyone :slight_smile:

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I’ve heard that SSB and SRPMs are now both working correctly with cub after last week’s hotfix.

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Oh really? Okay awesome thank you for telling me, I updated the list :slight_smile:

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