Mayhem 10 is NOT hard enough!

I don’t know guys, is it me or the game?

Decided to play Mayhem 10 last night, was somewhere on Pandora, and 12 Anointed Militants showed up with his buddies, 6 sexy Hardened Rocket chicks with their clairvoyant aim and infinite spamming rockets, 5 Badass Hardened Tinks, 5 Anointed ZOGS, and 4 Anointed Goons, and I cleared out the area in around 6 days and 5 hours and 12 minutes, I don’t sleep so that wasn’t a problem for me.

Is this a joke?, that should have taken me at least 3 weeks to clear out that mob, playing 24/7…I’m sorry Gearbox, I’m just finding this game not a challenge any more :cry:

So here’s what I propose for Mayhem 10

1: Enemy Health increased to 168,500HP, we found by extensive testing that 12,500x health is too weak
2: Kaosan dps decreased by 90%
3: Krakatoa dps decreased by 85%
4: Anointed Militants HP INCREASED to 128,000HP
5: Anointed Militants Purple Orb now moves 4x faster
6: Badass Hardened Tinks HP increased to 156,500HP
7: Anarchy dps reduced by 65%
8: The Lob’s fire rate reduced by 50%
9: The Lob’s dps reduced by 90%
10: Hyperfocus dps reduced by 95% and accuracy decreased by 45%
11: All Elemental damage done by the player reduced by 95%
12: Legendaries drop rate decreased to 0.00000000000005%

Please, please Gearbox do this and make the game challenging again!!

I hope everyone by now can see that I’m only joking, so why do I propose these changes?
Because after reading all the threads and posts with people complaining that some weapons are OP and need to be nerfed, I am utterly convinced that they will never see that games are meant to be played for fun and enjoyment, UNLESS the game reaches a state that they themselves can’t progress and beat.
Once this game gets to the point where even THEY can’t play it, will they stop asking for nerfs.
Why they simply just cannot just not use weapons they deem as over powered, I can never understand
This is NOT a pvp game, there’s no need to “balance” it or nerf things…If you see a cool weapon that helps you get through the ridiculous scaling in the higher Mayhem levels, just don’t use it! leave it on the ground and move on

Anyway what do you guys think?


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