Mayhem 10 is too easy

so, i am currently running around in MH 10, i was expecting mobs to 1 shot me
but apparently, enemy damage is not being increased by mayhem levels
this is not comparable with OP levels back then
everything takes longer, sure
but its not dangerous! its not hard to survive!
was expecting a baby skag to 1 shot me in MH 10
due to this, shield sizes didnt increase with op levels
i think, thats a very poor implementation
noone should be able to just straight away start farming in MH10 with MH0 gear
i was expecting at least a few days of grind
compared to bl2 where i was stuck somewhere at OP3 i think
sry but it really didnt do that job

the new anointments are awesome btw! love them <3


I’m getting the impression that it’s not working correctly. Loot drops don’t appear to be scaling up either.


yeah survival isn’t a problem… (i think it was harder on M4 then it’s now in M10 2.0)

takes a lot longer to damage though… but probably will be the same once we get M10 level weapons (wich odly look the same as they allways did)

weapons seem to scale

Yes, increased damage on weapons but not the drop rate.

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I don’t know why people always expect more damage from enemies when most would be oneshotting us if not for health gate anyways. The modifiers and extra health should be what makes the challenge giving the enemies or the environment a larger danger and allowing the enemies more time to kill you, still I’m pretty disappointed if what you say is true.


for me, scaling enemies should scale in all directions so my gear can also scale in all directions
i was looking forward to farm for 200k shields </3
and also, not everything is dangerous in this game
sure MTD is dangerous but thats not “the game”
i also dont expect to run around in the wardens chamber and simply port to sanctuary because…its too boring, taking so much time to kill him…while he is still tickling me


Thank god we actually have proper difficulties with actual new mechanics added instead of another OP10, and thank god devs listened to this instead of the crappy damage/health increase we had.

Do you have any idea what would happen to damage reduction deathless builds and whole other play styles if enemies can just healthgate at every direction!??


yea, a challenging game
not, people gearing up with MH 10 stuff in the first 10 minutes of the patch


thats like, in your opinion man.

The fact that you think its challenging to pigeon hole people into one kind of build says it all.


no, i play what ever build i want

its a FACT that people are farming on MH 10 right now

If the modifiers don’t have enough ways to increase the enemy’s damage or give them an edge then the modifiers probably won’t age well, ■■■■ like bullet reflection was a good way to do that imo but…yeah

im not a fan of the mods + you can just adjust them to be “easy” for you
i was expecting some good scaling

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Of course it’s to easy changing up the numbers just makes everything spongy. The only way to actually improve the difficulty in a meaningful way would be by improving the enemy A.I.


If someone chooses easy that is their loss, they’ll have to git gud one day. One of the best things about it is we get to choose our difficulties, everyone plays at their own pace and no one is pigeon holed into one certain build this way.


I don’t know. I kept it at TVHM M4, went to get the co-ordinates for Maurice, and got my ass handed to me in ascension bluff.

Finally, a challenge. /granted they had some shield thing, and the healing drone.

But initial reaction, for me, is positive.

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In the old system did enemies, barring the modifiers, do any more damage per shot in MH 1 vs. 4 or did they simply have more health/armor/shields and were thus harder to kill? If the latter is the case then I wouldn’t expect MH 2.0 to be harder in that sense–it would be harder b/c their health/armor/shields are higher but their damage output, barring modifiers, is the same. E.g, , when facing someone like Traunt in MH 1 vs. MH 4 I don’t recall him doing any more damage per shot unless the modifier called for it. I’m not saying that was in fact how it worked, but it’s how it seemed to me.


I mean, this is literally the exact same post from when M4 came out. People got upset (including myself) that enemies were too spongey or that they were too easy. This kinda post would pop up, people would argue over what “difficult” was supposed to mean. Later, it would fizzle out because people who “hate” the harder levels because they were too easy would just stop playing, and people who loved them would keep fighting through the newfound challenges as intended, even if they initially complained. That second thing was me, btw.

If you’re rolling through M10 already, I’d say that you got really lucky modifiers and are likely a small percentage of the player base. I literally can barely clear Athenas right now on M7 with a M7 lob I happened to get from a 15 minute fight with graveward.

I’d say the only legit issue/complaint i’m experiencing is that action skills dont seem to be scaling into M4, meaning, my IB only build sucks bad and i had to respect to kinda forget about BI again. But maybe there are anointments that would fix that. We’ll see.


I’m surprised to hear that. I also kept it on M4, not knowing what to expect, and handled them easily. The anointed that popped in was annoying but that was it.

U are right with the spongy part tho i don’t agree that A.I. adjustments are enough to make it more challenging.
Puzzling mechanics might be better than immunity states. I feel the concept of immunity states is just too old and makes fights not more challenging and it takes out the flow. I mean having different states is nice but make them interactive instead of making the player just watch a wacky animation.

And over all having a bigger variety makes for great gameplay like trashers in bl2 where annoying in the beginning but later on it was easy to deal with them. Having different elemental badasses that are really though to kill would be a great thing too.

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