Mayhem 10 is too easy

Go try Mayhem 8, and let me know how that goes for you :+1:

Thank goodness! You want to go back to the days where 1 bullet puts you in FFYL and all health and healing becomes meaningless and the whole game is based around health gating? No thanks man.


Skill still don’t scale, yeah, we’re still at this point, after month on end of fighting about skill like IB being useless, they finally buff it, and then they buff the enemies ten time over.


While I agree overall that ultimately we adapt to new difficulty (I, for once, didn’t complain when M4 got released, it seem okay), the new M10 is x12 HP from old M4 more or less, while the gun scaled up x2.5. This reach some level of bullet spongy that are ridiculous


re the action skills: yeah that’s silly. I hope they update scaling VERY soon with EVERYTHING not a gun…

But ironically your’e making my point above: some people see this as “too spongey” and other will see it as “too easy”, while i think the majority of the player base is pretty happy overall.


go back to BL2 and play OP10 for a week, then come back here and eat your words up. The OP system was asinine, thank god we don’t have another carbon copy of that mess


same, anarchy should be hard on 10, not have ennemies that take 20m to kill and get the same amount of loot than no anarchy, feels like anarchy is dead

if i didn’t get wrong, there was an modifers in each MH level, so what maodifers u is talking/playing, easy, middle or the hard?

may give a video to demonstrate it as i haven’t log in the game yet

It’s more about the modifiers. There’s for instance one that causes you to die instantly instead of going into FFYL.

On the other hand, I’m honestly kind of happy with how it is right now. If this only was about enemies damage stacking the whole game would simply go to ■■■■. I mean, defensive builds were never particularily viable even though GBX clearly want them to, but if everything one-shot you, it would just be a shitfest of who can stack more damage.

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Yeah, I was giving M4 a shot and they kept getting me with laser ropes. Reminded me of Diablo 3. On the other hand, I have to admit it was the first time I enjoyed playing on M4. The boosted gear probably helped.

I’m starting to feel like they’re completely incapable at this point of making most things scale off of mayhem levels. That started with the whole situation of buffing weapons. I’ve seen multiple posts of new players confused because they started playing this game in co-op and had tons of legendary guns drop, which were also way overtuned.

During a couple hours of farming with apparently static droprates across all Mayhem levels, I was pondering why there wasn’t an indicator on the item card what mayhem level the guns were from, and one possibility I dread is that the gun itself doesn’t even know where it dropped. Maybe it just had its base damage modified directly when it dropped, and that’s that.

This seem to be the case, basic % modifier based on level. Mayhem 10 seem to ne x2.5

I must say normal mobs tank 1.5 M dmg.
I was in the library *DLC2 and it took me half an hour just clear out the first two rooms.
Its quite challenging and im happy about that.

Tho without my anarchy i would have been lost.
I guess first i have to farm things in order to be able to be farming on MH10.

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I’m one of those players who went directly to MH10 to farm. I didn’t bother checking MH1-9 and NEVER WILL.

I will stick to MH10. The enemies don’t hit hard (they dont do 12x dmg vs M4). They are just way more spongey. It’s like old Mayhem 4 but with 12x more hp.

Honestly, there are bigger problems than enemies not being able to one shot you. This includes action skills (Rakks, Iron Bear), pets, grenades not scaling.


It’s not supposed to be more challenging, it’s supposed to be more difficult and improvements to the A.I. would most certainly achieve that. Also, “immunity states” are not really an A.I issue. It’s just something they’re forced to do once their HP hits a certain threshhold regardless of the overall situation their in.

I’m talking more about them appropriately reacting to their current situation e.g.: animals should try to flank you / approach you (if possible) from train that roughly matches their own color scheme. Humanoid enemies like Maliwan soldiers shouldn’t try to spray you down with a SMG from halfway across the map but switch to a SR instead. I once had an enemy spawn behind me and what did he do? Run into my field of view just to take cover behind a small rock that didn’t give him cover at all. The bots are f***ing stupid and there is a lot to improve here and the best part of it is that A.I. improvements unlike “HP buffs” don’t cause scaling issues.

Turning up the stats doesn’t make the game more difficult, it doesn’t make the game more fun either (in a meaningful way: if I want to fight against HP walls I can already bring a low level version of my favorite gun to max level enemies, I don’t need mayhem mode for that). The endgame rn is just a stalefest as mayhem mode suffers from the same issues the OP system is suffering from.

By not scaling up sheilds they made damage based life/shield returns OP. But if they would of scaled shields and increased mobs damage mozes percentage based heals would be godly. They kind of painted themselves in a corner.

roll harder modifiers then?

nah, because the modifier system sucks
it doesnt make the game harder, just more annoying

Well that’s your only option not trying to be an arse but remember this is the best gear box can do we had m1-3 they didn’t work we got m4 that got easy then after months and months of brainstorming and work this is what gear box delivered kinda seems it’s the best they can do lol

not at all
gearbox has a problem or more an inability to balance their games
so now they try to hide the poor balance with “crazy stuff” that doesnt change anything about the problem that 1 gun can 1 shot bosses in mayhem 10 and an other gun cant kill a skag in mayhem 10
thats their problem and they didnt fix it at all