Mayhem 10 isn't dropping Mayhem 10 loot. Please investigate it soon? Lol

I’m having a recurring problem with my loot. I’m running Mayhem 10 and getting loot drops that aren’t Mayhem 10. The first week that this launched, everything went smoothly for me because I was able to farm Mayhem 10 Sandhawks, Yellowcakes, O.P.Q. Systems, and stuff like that no problem. Now out of nowhere, I can’t seem to get any items to drop at Mayhem 10. Even the enemies feel like they’re weaker. I melt through ads instantly with my actual Mayhem 10 loadout–much more than I should be… I keep getting items with below 1000 elemental tic damage and base damages below 2000. I’m not playing until they fix it, since there’s really no point in grinding for obsolete loot that I can’t use. What’s aggravating me is I can’t farm Cartel weapons if they don’t fix it by the time it’s already gone.

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There are a lot of threads on this atm, we are supposed to be getting updated item cards with Mayhem level on it. I believe that’s supposed to come in phase 2 of M2.0 rework?

As of right now any source of loot outside of what enemies actually drop isn’t scaled to your Mayhem level. This includes chests, mission/challenge items, and mailed goodies from manufacturers. Hoping for a fix for this soon.

One thing I will say, Warden will drop a mixed bag of stuff.
I got an M10 Carrier, and an M0 Carrier in the same Warden Kill.
Half of his drops are not M10 for whatever reason…

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