Mayhem 10 Legendary Drop Rates - NOT GOOD!

I understand this is a “farm” game… I have played many games with this sort of gameplay style… Diablo being the best example I can think of. I’ve killed countless bosses on Mayhem 10 and the vast majority of the drops… when I get them… are typically 550ilvl trash. That’s if I get a legendary to drop at all. I have killed GeneVIEVe hundreds of times on Mayhem 10 trying to farm the Reflux shotgun… and have only gotten 2 drops off of her that are actually usable… that includes 1 shotgun and 1 Relic. If we are farming Mayhem 10… chances are 550 ilvl items will not be an upgrade for us… there need to be minimum ilvl drops for each Mayhem lvl above Mayhem 6. For example… at Mayhem 10… the minimum ilvl that should drop, should be in the 650+ ilvl range. Also… Legendary drops on Mayhem 10 are still not dropping with guaranteed Anointments. For examply I have a 544 ilvl Longbow Grenade that dropped on Mayhem 10 without and anointment on it. Mayhem 10 should guarantee at least 3 legendary drops per kill, and each of those drops should roll 650+… RNG still plays a factor in how the modifiers will roll, as well as how the anointments will roll… not to mention whether or not the Legendary you are farming will drop at all.

Item level means nothing. Don’t even worry about it. Certain guns and certain parts drop with higher item level, but it’s really the damage, mag size, and annointment that you should care about. Maybe the sights, if you prefer certain magnification while ADS.

I don’t entirely disagree. But there is a correlation between item level and weapon damage and damage modifier rolls. You are right to some extent though. I have a 623 HellShock thats better than any other gun in my bag.