Mayhem 10 Level 60 New DLC guns for trade!

Basically been farming the new DLC since it came out so looking for the standard M6 drops at level 60. M10 Sandhawks, Monarchs, Reflux, Brainstormer, Backburner, Plaguebearer Redistributor, DLC 2 and DLC 3 guns with Consecutive Hits, SNTNL cryo, or other good anointments. Also Maliwan Takedown weapons. Here’s what I have to trade. All level 60 M10. Gamertag is SpaghetiSaturdy.


• Bloom
• Packin’ Shredded Unkempt Harrold - Radiation
• Hostile Hyperfocus XZ41 - Incendiary
• Unescapable Flipper - Incendiary/Cryo
• Unshippable Plumage
• Engulfing Resolute Dowsing Rod

Action Skill End 100% Cryo Damage:

• Sublime Complex Root - Incendiary/Corrosive
• Expert Complex Root - Radiation/Cryo
• Potent Satisfaction x5
• Double Penetrating Gratifying Spade
• Abundant Compressing Frequency - Incendiary/Corrosive
• Undermining Mainstream Proprietary Liscense - Radiation
• Bloom
• Rapid Light Show
• Deluxe Supercharged Mother Too +
• Hazardous Flipper - Radiation/Corrosive

Action Skill End 100% Shock Damage:

• Bloom
• Defrauding Popular Proprietary Liscense - Corrosive

Action Skill End 100% Incendiary Damage:

• MOARR Linoge - Corrosive
• Mocking Frequency - Cryo/Corrosive

Action Skill End 100% Corrosive Damage:

• Moar Eezy Gargoyle
• Cash-Infused Popular Proprietary Liscense - Shock
• Expert Frequency - Cryo/Radiation
• Dastardly Robin’s Call x9
• Dastardly Robin’s Call x12

Action Skill End 100% Radiation Damage:

• Binary Mocking Cutsman - Incendiary


• Shrinking Nasty Satisfaction - Cryo

Consecutive Hits:

• Enhanced Plumage
• Dueling Robin’s Call x12
• Engulfing Ruthless Light Show - Radiation
• Storming Resolute Light Show - Shock
• Speedloadn’ Hellwalker


• Double Penetrating Echo - Radiation
• Dastardly Maggie
• Hyperfocus XZ41
• Speedloadn’ Hellwalker

Iron Bear Exit 160% Splash Damage:

• MOARR Eezy Gargoyle x2
• Expert Beacon - Shock/Cryo
• Pent-Up Satisfaction

Action Skill Active 200% Damage:

• Beacon x2 - Shock/Cryo
• Pestilent Infinity - Corrosive

Action Skill End 200% Splash Damage:

• Beacon x2 - Incendiary/Corrosive
• Moar Gargoyle

Gamma Burst 115% Radiation:

• Packin’ Gratifying Unkempt Harrold - Incendiary

Action Skill Active 75% Badass, Named, Boss:

• Packin’ Gratifying Unkempt Harrold

Iron Bear Exit 125% Incendiary Damage

• Kemik Blest Gargoyle x3

Action Skill End 100% Weapon Damage:

• Deluxe Poison Brightside - Corrosive

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I have unkempt harold with 300/90 if your interested and a x9 Robins call with 100% weapon damage after rakk

I don’t think I would use either of those. Pretty much looking for SNTL cryo, Consecutive Hits, or the 50/150. But still open for anything. If there’s something you want or are looking for just let me know.

I have a consecutive hits stonethrower

What do you want for that?

The consecutive hits bloom If thats cool with you buddy

Sent it your way.

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Thanks buddy sent too

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I have a 50/150 Root, cryo/fire, if you want.

I would like the Expert Complex Root -Rad/Fire with ASE +100 cryo if you still have one.

My GT is conch8

Thank you, cheers.

Sure. I’ll send it over when I get on.


Nice to meet you, thanks for the trade.
Stay safe, cheers.

I have an SNTNL 100% Insider for the 50/150 Maggie

I have radiation and corrosive sntl cryo lightshow if you’re intrested

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I have a sntl cryo insider so I would have no use for that. Have anything else?

Definitely am interested. What do you want for them?

I’m only intrested in the shock lightshow with consecutive hits my gamertag is llTH3ONLYll

Just sent that over.

Thank you let me know which light show you want and I’ll send that over tmr as I cant get on rn

Corrosive please.