Mayhem 10 Loot Bug

I posted this issue a week ago and have tried various solutions but am still stuck. I am playing on Mayhem 10 and have severely reduced drop rates, it seems like the drop rates prior to Mayhem 2.0. Additionally, only about 12% of the orange drops are annointed; I know this is an issue because typically 100% of orange drops are annointed.

I have updated my game, checked for hotfixes, reset my mayhem level, and have even deleted the entire game and reinstalled on my console. Please tell me how to fix this, there is no point in me playing if my loot system is broken

@Dopefiend @Noelle_GBX please assist, I have played this since its release and bought the pre-order but am lost as to why I can’t now farm weapons

You need to load hotfix everytime you launch the game. Make sure you are connected to Shift and wait in main menu until you see the sign.

I have checked for updates, spent time at the menu for hotfixes and have done every other obvious fix. Idk why but for the past 2-3 weeks I haven’t seen a hotfix sign

I just checked and I’m also not able to log in to my SHIFT account from the game. I’m not sure if it’s related but that has never been an issue before

I disconnected my SHIFT account from my PSN account from a laptop and re-linked it. No change in the game. I still can’t connect to the SHIFT server

@Noelle_GBX @Derch @mods I’m sorry for the tags but I’ve been dealing with this for over 3 weeks and haven’t gotten an answer. I’ve tried pretty much everything there is including the things that shouldn’t matter (delete and reinstall game, reset console from factory settings, etc.). In game I’ve tried every solution there is (fast travels, different characters, reset mayhem settings, etc.)

Thats the issue, without connection to Shift you can’t download the hotfix.
Submit a ticket to 2K Borderlands 3 – 2K Support or directly to Shift support

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