Mayhem 10 (M10) Artifacts for trade

I’m LF Atom Balm Safeguard or Atom Balm Victory Rush with any of these rolls:
AoE damage
Grenade Damage
Elemental Resistance
Assault Rifle Damage
Radiation Damage

And a Mind Sweeper or Blast Master with:
Splash Radius
Grenade Damage
Weapon Damage

There’s no such thing as a Mayhem 10 artifact. Artifacts don’t scale with Mayhem levels. These are simply Level 57 artifacts.

Ahh, didn’t know that. I farmed them all in M10 so that’s what I went with. It’s nice to know you can farm artifacts on a lower mayhem level though.

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I really wish that they did scale with Mayhem level. It’d be nice to get a little extra.

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What else does not scale? Seems like COMs don’t.

I think that the only items that scale are guns.

Seems like grenades scale, no?

That’s a good question. Possibly? I haven’t compared them yet. Grenades do so little damage that I’m not even sure if it matters.

Everything I’m seeing is they don’t, I’ve compared a hex I got in M10 to what I was using and it was about the same.

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Looks like this is about to be a moot point since Gearbox is gonna totally rework grenades soon.