Mayhem 10 Psychoreaver in 2 shots of the Facepuncher [crit swap abuse]

Took a few tries and I do fire other weapons, just not at the target. I use a Sellout to strip my shield and I fire the Unforgiven to get me out of Fade Away.

Pretty happy with this trick shot.

Warning: Facepuncher and Unforgiven crit swap trick shot.


Good job


How on earth do you embed videos on the Gearbox forums? Cant seem to figure it out.

Just paste the url into the post without any BB code and it will automatically embed:
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Thanks - I figured that out almost accidentally once i realized they have a quasi text editor. I am just so old that I expected that you would still have to at least throw in some HTML tags - like in the before times.

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I ma ancient too (53) and it also took me a few tries before I figured it could auto embed.