Mayhem 10 trading list

I’m looking for:

-Plaguebearer (any element) with 150/50 annoinment
-Bloodletter with grenade dmg, weapon dmg, and splash dmg
-Deathless relic with grenade dmg, weapon dmg, and splash dmg

  • sandhawks with 150/50 annoinment
    -cloning maddening tracker with +25% dmg OGT
    -Cryo old god with 15% speed while sntl active

Things I’m willing to trade:
-Dastardly Maggie 2167x6 100% while sntl active
-Redistributer 1573 dmg with 100% while sntl active (Radioactive)

  • Corrosive cutsman 6676 dmg with 200% while asa
  • Incendiary cutsman 6055 dmgw with 100% while sntl active
  • opq 7594x2 75% while asa
  • incendiary monarch 2694x4 with 100% while sntl active
  • Star helix (kinetic) 2917x3 100% while sntl active
  • Dictator (kinetic) 1644x3 100% while sntl active
    -yellowcake 42152x2 300/90 annoinment
    -krakatoa 32690 50/150 annoinment
    -Transformer 21314 capacity 15% speed while sntl active
  • Piss grenade mod 25% SMG OGT
  • snowdrift otto idol 50% mag size, 34% shock resistance, and +2719 health

If interested in any items contact me here or my gt which is llTH3ONLYll

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Not quite what your looking for but I have a elemental projector deathless with 20% smg dmg, 20% corrosive dmg and 20% cryo dmg if any good

Sry bro I already have one of those I’m specifically looking for one with those specific stats for my moze

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I’ve got a few Sand Hawks with the 50/150 anoint. Any specific element that you’re looking for? Auto or burst?

Any element really but I would love it if they came with auto

OK, let me see what I’ve got for auto. I’m interested in your Yellowcake 42152x2 300/90.


I have 3 full auto 50/150 Sand Hawks and 1 Burst

Full Auto:

High Capacity Dauntless Sand Hawk 8276x9 Radiation
High Capacity Vigilant Sand Hawk 7567x9 Incendiary
High Capacity Dauntless Sand Hawk 7488x9 Radiation

Burst Fire:

High Capacity Relentless Sand Hawk 8408x9 Corrosive

Just let me know which one you’re interested in and what your GT is. Thanks!

I’ll take the incendiary and my gt is llTH3ONLYll

OK, cool. Are those lower case Ls at the beginning and end?


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I gotcha. Sending it over now!

Thank you, just sent your yellowcake

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Thanks man! I’ve been trying to get a 300/90 Yellowcake for a while now. I have much better luck getting Sand Hawks.

Damn wish I was you :joy: well enjoy your gun and take care

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I just got this Sand Hawk from Katagawa Jr. It makes me angry. Everything on it’s great except for the terrible anoint.

Damn bro gotta keep going

:laughing: yea, I’m not really angry. That’s just the game. Keep grinding!

Yeah l, I can’t wait till they spread the loot pools and increase the dedicated drops. That will make farming much better

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No doubt. Probably the end of the month for the first patch. I’m just hoping that they don’t raise the level cap yet.