Mayhem 10 Vehicle Scaling

Vehicle scaling in M10 is still terrible even after the buff. I could barely tickle enemies with the new her beast vehicle in the new DLC. I’m not sure why this still isn’t right. I will say the vehicles are slightly tankier, but using them in M10 is terrible.



All I can do is laugh at this point.


When it was scaled, we got in the vehicle and shot at the enemy.
A few dozen seconds later, I climbed out of the vehicle, raised my gun, and shot the enemy dead.
I’d like to have five times the firepower of the current one.
Otherwise, it’s easier to get down there and fight.



Yup…not only are vehicles useless dmg-wise in M10, but they get SHREDDED in this new DLC…

Out of every mob, there’s two dudes with cryo/corrosive weapons, with someone who shoots shock, which will completely grind you to a halt no matter how fast you’re driving…

I haven’t tested the vanilla ones, but these new DLC vehicles need some damn strength :muscle:

I have a complete set of parts for the new vehicle.
Once again, we have conducted performance tests.
Set up for durability.
Life 2.8M and plenty of durability.
It’ll take a while, but you can take them down if you use a mortar as a weapon and stop and hit them repeatedly.
It’s got plenty of durability, but it still lacks firepower.
I’d like to see it raised three to five times the current rate.