Mayhem 10 weapon trades :) updated daily 15/6/2020

Open to offers on anything.
Lf anything good for any character,
not in any order :

mayhem 6+ weapons with 300/90,under 50 health,100% cryo sntl,250 phasecast (especially elemental monarchs)

100 cryo sntl weapons(especially redistributiors other than radiation and mayhem 6+ weapons)

Under 50 health weapons.

300/90 weapons

200asa weapons

250% phasecast weapons

Splash weapons

100 ase weapons

100% rakk attack weapons

Consecutive hits weapons.

Takedown weapons and new takedown weapons with 300/90,200asa,under 50 health,250 phasecast (especially smog,the new smg)

Masher clairvoyance with 300/90,under 50 health.

Green monster, spiritual driver, st4kbot, bounty hunter,rakk pakk with two damage perks

Can provide damage numbers if needed :slight_smile:

All mayhem 10 stuff I have to trade by annoitment :


Non elemental moonfire
Non elemental infinity
Corrosive roisens thorns
Hellshock x2
Non elemental devils forsum x3
Grease trap
The companion
Cunning wagon wheel
Fire hyperfocus
Cryo bitch x3
Non elemental hyperfocus
Nuclear hyperfocus
Fire lucians call
Shock rowans call
Opq system 9232x2
Opq system 5942x2
Dueling lead sprinkler
Corrosive Breath of the dying
Orge x2
No pewpew x3
Non elemental butcher
Cryo tiggs boom x9
Fire boring gun
X 3 non elemental dictator
X 3 nuclear dictator
Cryo lob
Insider cryo/radiation
Tidal wave x 12
Shock conference call x5
Corrosive creeping death
Non elemental conference call x 5
60k nukem
70k nukem
40k yellowcake x1 (2 available)
Non elemental scourge
Ruby’s wrath x7
Non elemental threeway x3
Non elemental iron cannon x1
Nuclear Jericho
Cryo lyuda 15 mag
True monocle
Non elemental lyuda 20 mag
Nuclear lyuda 10 mag


Moar hydrafrost x3
Non elemental devastor x2
Nuclear bangarang
Grease trap
Dueling wagon wheel
The companion
Cryo crossroad x3
Nuclear hyperfocus
Fire lucians call (2 available)
Radiation laser sploder
Opq system 6834x2
Fire butcher x3
Non elemental butcher x3
Nuclear conference call x5
Non elemental conference call x5
Hellwalker x10
Fire iron cannon x1
Ruby’s wrath x7
38k yellowcake x1
Nuclear scourge
Non elemental tunguska

100 asa

Lucky 7
Love drill
Non elemental butcher x3
Cryo lob

Under 50 health 150 radiation

Radiation queens call
Non elemental breeder
Wicked wagon wheel
Shock cutsman
Non elemental monarch x4
Opq system 8393x2
Cryo laser sploder
Vengeful sickle 2892 x10
Shock rowans call
Shock good juju
Pain is power
Radiation rowans call
Gatlin gatling gun
Shock dictator x3
Radiation butcher x3
Fire butcher x3
Stagecoach x16
Stagecoach x12
Projectile recursion x1
Hellwalker x10
70k nukem
Quickie x1
Fire iron cannon x2
32k yellowcake
Non elemental tunguska x2
Tankmans shield
Cryo woodblocker
Non elemental lyuda 15mag
Cryo sandhawk 10318x7
Corrosive sandhawk 9711x7
Radiation sandhawk 9104x7
Fire sandhawk 8007x7

Moze annoits

Dueling lucky 7. While auto bear regen ammo
Hellshock x2. 125 splash ase
Hellshock x2. Exit iron bear dont consume ammo for 5 seconds
Non elemental devils forsum x3. 160 splash exit iron bear
The flood. Exit iron bear next two 125 incendiary dmg
Non elemental hyperfocus. Exit iron bear dont consume ammo for 5 seconds
Cryo soulrender. Exit iron bear next two 125% incendiary damage.
Radiation laser sploder. 125 splash ase
X9 radiation anarchy. Exit iron bear 160 splash
Cryo butcher x3. Exit iron bear dont consume ammo for 5 seconds
Shock lob. Exit iron bear 160 splash
Shock protuburance 1239x2. Exit iron bear dont consume ammo for 5 seconds
66k nukem. Splash 125 ase
Radiation lob. 125 splash ase
Quickie x1 exit iron bear 160 splash
Cryo threeway x3. Ase splash 200%
Fire scourge. Exit iron bear 160 splash
Non elemental iron cannon x2. Exit iron bear 160 splash

Fl4k annoits

The flood. 115 radiation while gamma
Non elemental hyperfocus 100% after rakk
Fire cutsman. 115 radiation while gamma
Cryo kaoson 4422x2. After rakk 50% critical damage
Fire boomer. 115 radiation while gamma
Non elemental soulrender. 100% after rakk
Non elemental x4 monarch. While fade away increased accuracy and handling
Non elemental x4 monarch. 115 radiation while gamma
Non elemental dictator x3. 115 radiation while gamma
Cryo dictator x3. 115 radiation while gamma
Garcia x16. Extra charge of rakk attack
Corrosive butcher x3. 100% after rakk
Nuclear lyuda. 115 radiation while gamma 10 mag
Firestorm. 115 radiation while gamma
Non elemental iron cannon x1. 100% after rakk
Radiation backburner. 100% after rakk

Zane annoits

Shock kings call. Swap with digi clone 130% weapon damage
Radiation redistributior. Digi clone swap 130% weapon damage.
Radiation redistributior. 100% cryo sntl
Deluxe everblast x10. 100% cryo sntl
Fire tiggs boom x9. Digi clone swap 130% weapon damage
Non elemental x4 monarch. While digi clone active regen ammo
Seeryull killur. 100% cryo sntl
Non elemental soulrender. Digi clone swap 130% weapon damage.
Non elemental dictator x3. Digi clone swap 130% weapon damage
Pain is power 100% cryo sntl
Gatlin gatling gun 100% cryo sntl
Fire/shock insider x5 100% cryo sntl
Fire/cryo insider x5. 100% cryo sntl
Fire anarchy x 12. 100% cryo sntl
Hellwalker 100% cryo sntl
Cryo sandhawk 8092x9. Digi clone swap 130% weapon damage
Non elemental potent hedgehog x2 100% cryo sntl
Nuclear Jericho. Digi clone swap 130% weapon damage

Amara annoits

Nuclear kaoson x1.after phaseslam 300% weapon damage
Corrosive/shock kybs worth x2. After phasecast 250% weapon damage
Shocking nine volt. After phasecast 250% weapon damage
Face puncher x7. After phaseslam 300% weapon damage.
Sledges shotgun x6. After phaseslam melee damage increased by 200%
Non elemental anarchy x12. After phasecast weapon damage increased by 250%
Shock plaugebearer. After phaseslam 300% weapon damage
Radiation globtrottr 16094x6. After phaseslam 300% weapon damage
Annexed Jericho x2. After phaseslam 300% weapon damage.

Next two mag annoitments

Non elemental moonfire. Next two 100% shock
Radiation redistributior. Next two 100% incendiary
Corrosive good juju. Next two 100% radiation
Gatlin clairvoyance.10 mag. Next two 100% incendiary
Stagecoach x16. Next two 100% corrosive
Brainstormer x14. Next two 100% incendiary
Corrosive conference call x5. Next two 100% shock
One pump chump. Next two 100% corrosive
Corrosive tiggs boom. Next two 100% incendiary
Shock redline. Next two 100% shock
Double penetrating bangstick x18. Next two 100% incendiary
Deluxe everblast x10. Next two 100% incendiary
Non elemental lyuda 15 mag. Next two 100% cryo
Dastardly cocky bastard. Next two 100% incendiary

Random other annoitments

Radiation Moar do vine pestilence x2. Consecutive hits
Shock infinity. Consecutive hits
Lucky 7. 500% elemental explosion
Wicked wagon wheel. 500% elemental explosion
Nighthawkin. 500%, elemental explosion
Kybs worth x2 corrosive/shock. Ase healing pool.
Non elemental kaoson x1. Consecutive hits
Shock redistributior. Enemies under 25 health 50% weapon damage
Corrosive cutsman consecutive hits
Non elemental dictator x3
Opq system 7993x2 nova asa
Opq system 8011x2 nova asa
Opq system 7248x2 healing pool ase
Opq system 7630x2 nova ase
Opq system 7630x2 nova ase
Cryo bearcat x3. Consecutive hits
Corrosive laser sploder. Consecutive hits
Radiation laser sploder. Consecutive hits
Non elemental dictator x3. Consecutive hits
Nuclear barrage. Consecutive hits
Corrosive boom sickle x10. Ase life steal 15%
Shock lob. Consecutive hits
Cryo/corrosive insider x5 consecutive hits
Shock potent hedgehog x2 consecutive hits
Non elemental iron cannon x2. Consecutive hits
Corrosive autoaime 500% elemental explosion

I have lots shields(including old gods, transformers,frozen hearts, wtfs, double downer) lots of grenade mods (including its p*ss, mirv hex,rarer firestorm variants,mirv widowmaker, cloning hunter seekers etc) ,class mods for all characters (especially fl4k)and lots of artifacts(including deathless, lunacys, elemental projectors,pearls)so just ask me :slight_smile:


What mayhem is the rad redistributor syntl anoint? I might have a 300/90 to trade but what specific weapon do you need?

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Everything’s mayhem 10 buddy. A sandhawk would be dope,any of the mayhem 6+ weapons or maybe a x2 cake.
Other than that I’m not too to fussed :slight_smile:

I believe i can handle that. Cant check till later tho if thats fine?

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No rush buddy get at me when you can

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Awesome will do, thanks!

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I’d definitely be interested in that 125 splash Rad Laser-Sploder.

Also curious: By any chance do you have a Radiation Old God with ASE Dmg (any element)?

I could get you a couple CH weapons - if you play a bullet-hoze Moze I have a few CH shredifiers; if not I think I have a CH fire Sand Hawk and a CH corrosive Anarchy. Few other things too but I’d have to check.

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The shreddifers, sandhawk definitely and anarchy sounds sweet dude.
I dont have a ase old God yet,
I do however have a shock with after attack command movement speed, a corrosive with 100 melee ase and a radiation with the a s s annoitment

Do you have any M10 Radiation Trans Fusion Trackers?

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I dont sorry dude,I have a radiation mirv hex with 25 on nade throw though

my gt is vwrathh, i wrote u on xbox… if u want i have some stuff to trade

Still need 300/90 Redistributor?
I have a Rad 100% cryo also.

Edit---- just got a Sander incendiary 50/150 burst/semi

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I’d like all three if ok with you dude. Want anything in return? Not too sure who that message was for lol

I do have a Radiation Trans Fusion Tracker grenade. Full disclosure - Currently, grenades do not scale so my level 57 Radiation Trans Fusion Tracker grenade is essentially M1 level 57. Let me know if you still want this? thanks Tom dot66.

It was for you, I’ll get them over.

Edit- I believe the 300/90 is shock.

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did u have a 300/90 redistributor?

Affirmative. Still have one if you’re looking.

u need something for trade? ny gt vwrathh… did u have some cons hit redistributor or hyperfocus? or abackburner 300/90? lf 4 a one shotter shield aswell or ice breaker victory rush with mag size

I’m pretty sure I have a consecutive hits too, not sure the element…maybe Rad. I’ll get them over. I don’t need anything back. Enjoy!

for the other stuff i’m looking for u have something? ty a lot if u can send by mail on game…

my gt vwrathh