Mayhem 10 Weapon Trades 😀

My XBOX Gamertag is Omgwizzle

Looking for Mayhem 10 Weapons with the 50/150 Annointments. Also looking for the best class mods for FL4K and the best Version of Spiritual Driver and the best Artifacts. Comment here or message on XBOX if you’re looking for a trade.

MOARR Linoge (Corrosive)
Dastardly Maggie
Unending Magnificent (Corrosive and Shock)
Searing Ripper (Fire)
Auditing Oldridian (Cryo)
Handsome Jackhammer
Hyperfocus XZ41
Venomous Barrage (Corrosive)
Engulfing Shredifier
Nuclear Sickle (Radiation)
Redundant Brainstormer (Shock x14 version)
Premium Firesale Flama Diddle + (Fire)
Unlimited Anarchy
Expert Kill-o’-the-Wisp (Shock)
Speedloadn’ Hellwalker (Fire)
True Monocle
Stark Krakatoa (Fire)
High Capacity Nimble Malak’s Bane

Gamma Burst
Shredded Craps
The Duc
Adapting Lethal Kaoson (x2 version)
Synergized Oldridian
Lucian’s Call (Fire)
Hawt Dayumned Seeryul Killur (Fire)
Unlimited Supercharged Anarchy (Shock x20 version)
Binary Insider (Corrosive and Radiation)
Expert Storm (Shock)
Stark Krakatoa (Fire)

ASA 200%
Hazardous Grease Trap (Fire)
Barking Kaoson
Shocking Zeroed Kaoson (Shock)
Shocking 9-Volt (Shock)
Trained Soulrender
Expert Kill-o’-the-Wisp (Shock)
Binary Dangerous Insider(Shock and Radiation)
Speedloadn’ Hellwalker
Stark Krakatoa (Fire)

The Duc
Super Gunerang XL
Subsidized Powerhouse Iceburger (Fire)
Deep Dive Face-Puncher

Phasecast 250%
Artic Dountless Night Hawkin (Cryo)
Binary Ionic Cutsman (Shock)
Engulfing Ferocious Ogre

Phaseslam 300%
Hawt Dayumned Seeryul Killur (Fire)
Iron-Willed T.K’s Heatwave (Fire)

ASE 100%
Dastardly Maggie
Reflexive Soulrender
Vicious The Monarch
Deluxe Poison Anarchy (Corrosive)
Unlimited Anarchy (Shock x20 Version)
Unlimited Anarchy (x18 Version)
Spooling Projectile Recursion (Corrosive and Radiation)
Undermining Conference Call (Radiation)
The Lob (Fire)
The Lob (Corrosive)
Ruby’s Wrath
Shredded Scourge
Expert Storm
Stark Krakatoa (Fire)

ASA 75% to Badass/Named
O.P.Q System
Resolute The Monarch
Moar Dayumned Yellowcake (x2 version)

SNTL 100%
Hawt Rapchury Seeryul Killur (Fire)
High Capacity Dauntless Sand Hawk (Radiation)

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Are you looking for anything specific weapons with the 50/150? I have plenty. I’d like that SNTL Cryo Sandhawk.

What class mods and artifacts are you looking for exactly?, there is no best only ones that suit your play style.
I have plenty of 50/150 weapons aswell

Specifically a Monarch or OQP preferred. But pretty much any good one.

I Play Crit Fade Away FL4K so I like ST4CKBOT, DE4DEYE, and Bounty Hunter with the Vladof/Assault Rifles Damage and/or reload and/or fire rate and/or crit
And Artifacts I like the Deathless ones with damage and or Reload and or magazine size

I have:

Bounty Hunter
51% Hyperion Weapon Critical Damage
11% Torgue Weapon Damage
11% Atlas Weapon Damage

Bounty Hunter
21% Weapon Critical Damage
28% Weapon Damage
11% Dahl Weapon Damage

Bounty Hunter
11% COV Weapon Damage
35% Heavy Weapon Damage
17% Vladof Weapon Fire Rate

Bounty Hunter
36% Atlas Weapon Fire Rate
17% Vladof Weapon Fire Rate
35% Pistol Damage

29% Maliwan Weapon Reload Speed
35% Heavy Weapon Damage
34% Grenade Damage

21% Weapon Critical Damage
11% Tediore Weapon Damage
11% COV Weapon Damage

11% Maliwan Weapon Damage
51% Hyperion Weapon Critical Damage
36% Atlas Weapon Fire Rate

I have a 9232x2 opq under 50 health 150 radiation and plenty others in my trade thread.

Bounty hunter with 32% splash damage, 11% jackobs weapon damage and 26% magazine size.

Bounty hunter with 35% assault rifle damage, 34% grenade damage and 6 grenade capacity

Deadeye with 21% weapon critical damage, 35% heavy weapon damage and 11% Jackobs weapon damage

Deadeye with 28% weapon damage, 35% shotgun damage and 51% atlas weapon critical damage

Edit: berserker deathless with 20% assault rifle damage, 34% incendiary resistance and 34% radiation resistance

Hot drop deathless with 20% smg damage, 50% ffyl duration and 3045 max shield

Ice breaker deathless with 31% grenade damage, 20% cryo damage and 8% xp

Radioded deathless with 20% smg damage, 33% ignite chance and 20% corrosive resistance

Last stand deathless with 31% grenade damage, 17% weapon reload speed and 43% ffyl movement speed

What would you want for the OPQ 50/150 and the Beserker Deathless?

Elemental monarchs with good annoitments, takedown weapons with good annoitments, old gods with high capacity with 50 ase, good 300/90 weapons aswell,maybe a x25 stagecoach with 300/90 or 50/150. Anything good really, always on the lookout for stakbot,spiritual drivers and green monster class mods with two damage perks