Mayhem 10 weapons

How can you tell that a weapon is from M10? I’ve noticed some versions of guns do more damage, but I can’t tell what mayhem level it’s from. I’ve been farming Katagawa for the Sand Hawk and have gotten a range of them. Some deal about 6000x9 damage to about 9900x9 damage in the same mayhem level.

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There’s no way to tell other than by looking at the damage numbers.

What’s interesting is that you’re getting such a wide range… I’ve been getting odd drops like that. Just a couple hours ago I was going through the cartel mansion on mayhem 2, had a Krakatoa (they’re semi-parts-locked so it makes comparing easy) drop that was clearly a baseline level 57; damage matched all the other normal 57 Krakatoas I’ve collected in recent weeks. But then a little later on during the boss fight, another Krakatoa dropped that had higher damage appropriate for that mayhem level. Seems like there’s some bugginess going on.

Edit: which just reminded me of a video I saw earlier that LazyData put up of running through the Takedown on M10. The first Kraken dropped a bunch of normal damage 57 stuff, but appropriate higher-damage drops happened later on.


It’s not a bug it’s a design flaw. Instead of removing the probability of finding poorly rolled weapons on M10, they simply threw the M10 weapons into the loot pool. That’s why you find iLvl 530 weapons on M10 and iLvl 686 weapons on M2.

If you’re on M10 it shouldn’t be a “chance to find” an M10 weapon. That gives zero incentive to run it at all considering the difficulty. Players want to be as efficient as possible.

Mayhem 2.0 should’ve been as simple as adding monster mods (as they’ve done) and increasing their HP significantly per difficulty. This forces you to need a higher damage weapon in order to progress, but you will be able to find one specific to the difficulty you’re on as well so it balances out.

What they’ve done is compounded the items in this manner:

M0 has M0 weapons. M1 has M0 and M1 weapons. M2 has M0, M1 & M2 weapons, etc. By the time you get to M8 trying to find a weapon strong enough to clear M9 with, you need to sift through all the trash that shouldn’t even be there to begin with. The whole system feels horrible.


Yikes, if this is the case they really need to put a mayhem level indicator on the item card.

Edit: or better yet… prevent underleveled stuff from dropping. Jeez. I mean, that’s what everyone’s assumption was going in.


It is the case and it’s a mess.


If that is the case then I can’t disagree; it’s a mess.

This has got to be one of my biggest gripes about this new update. If you are not very familiar with the weapon damage from M4 weapons you will have nothing to base drops off of and it’s a guessing game even at that. Yeah the weapon SEEMS good but is it a TRUE M10 drop or is it a M8 and the M10 is going to be even more insane? They even announced in the previous update that they did something to gameplay tags for impending M 2.0.

I have a feeling that we will be seeing some massive patches in the next couple of weeks because they either rushed the M2.0 release or they did not think things through.

It’s also very disappointing that none of the shields, class mods or relics have scaled at all. I would have thought that they would at least have shields that were scaled since the damage scaling is so massive.


Are you seeing this? I’m not seeing a difference in enemy damage dealt… I did a quick little test and had a lil’ skag hug me in M10 and non-mayhem alike and they did the same damage to me.

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Enemy damage doesn’t scale with mayhem level

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Okay maybe it’s more like the potential for damage is a lot higher because of the 12500% increase in armor health and shields.

What’s wrong with looking at the damage listed on the card? If you have two Krakatoas and one has 20K listed, while another is 25K, do you really need to also have M7 and M9 labels there (made up example)?

Same gun, better stats, pretty easy to make decision…

Not every gun is a Krakatoa and if things are dropping mixed then it’s hard to tell what weapon is the right kind to progress to the next mayhem level. Also if I get an M2 drop on M6 and don’t realize it and take that gun into M7 and it performs poorly, then I’m gonna think wow that’s trash and not wanna use it again. I know what guns are good for who, but with the new scaling I might think it drops off in the new end game and never wanna use it even if it’s great when it’s on the right mayhem level.


The problem I stated elsewhere exists in if you don’t have anything for comparison, especially immediately on hand. A bit of disambiguation from Gearbox I don’t think would hurt the players in any way.

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I use different guns for different things and don’t carry everything I like to use so now I am going to have to constantly pick things up and go to my vault find that gun and compare the item cards.


I’m probably a bit slow today, but I still don’t see the big issue.

If you are trying to compare two very different guns (I deliberately used same gun in my Krakatoa example, but it could be any other gun, no need to be focused on Krakatoa detail) - you have bunch of issues anyways.

Is this Daisy Marshal better than this Peacekeeper? Or that Terminator? Beats me, it really depends on what you are trying to do. I’m pretty sure I very rarely paid attention to the levels - I did not immediately get rid of L53 Muckamuck just because I came across L54 Cheechoko.

So, TLDR version: comparison across different guns rarely is driven by levels, at least to me. And for the same gun, listed damage might be enough, everything else on card being equal.

Unless of course everyone memorized which L57 guns they already have banked, but not their listed damage. Then perhaps having MH level listed would help (or not, if there is spread in parameters due to parts etc.).

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Yes just the fact that they are alive so long let’s them output a lot more damage.

I was wondering if enemy behaviors had changed because like robo dogs seems a lot faster and more jumpy but I suspect I am just seeing them for a lot longer than I am used to so they do more jumps and such.

The jumpy dogs are so annoying and the balls in the Villa too they just seem to last forever!

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My deal right now is I can’t tell a level 57 item from a level 57 item. Is that a pre-Mayhem 2.0 level 57? Is it a M0? An M8 or an M10?

Even explaining it to you, it still might just be a non-issue for you Bee. :slight_smile:

This might not exactly be the issue others are discussing here, but I think it’d be nice to have something to help us know a little more clearly where something has come from now that we have Mayhem 2.0 and the issues the 10 levels and the qualitative differences in gear it creates. It still might not be an issue for you. :smile:


Yep. This current system is a train wreck. I ran the Villa last night at M10. Two Brainstormers dropped:

684 x 7
1474 x 7

There is no way these are both M10 level weapons.


You can tell whether one is better than another if you look at them side by side (same gun, of course).

Perhaps here lies a difference: I’m usually looking for a better gun. I’m not looking for M2 guns (where I’m at for the moment).

Labels are meaningless (to me). Damage stats are not.

Having said that, I would not be against listing MH level on an item. As long as it does not lead to even smaller text :slight_smile: .