Mayhem 11 gear vs Mayhem 10 gear?

Will Mayhem 11 gear be better than Mayhem 10? I feel with the Mayhem 10 modifiers, gear will be more challenging to farm and would therefore be better. Does anyone know?

No, Mayhem 11 equals Mayhem 10 with no modifiers but with nerfed bonuses (Exp/Eridium/Cash/Loot world drops)

Every report and statement has been that there will be no Mayhem 11 Gear. No need to refarm. It exists simply for those who prefer more difficulty without modifiers and decreased loot and XP as stated above.


Just go back to the old mayhem system already!


Random Mayhem modifiers?

Honestly, the old one wasn’t really any better. I for one am glad that we don’t have to deal with modifiers like bullet deflection or nerfed weapon type damage anymore.

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Thanks for the responses!

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I would happily have that all back instead having gear scalling.

Well yea
People were complaining about that
But they replaced it with something even worse
10 different weapon tiers and different skill scalings of which 9 of them are completely redundant for almost the whole player base

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