Mayhem 11 is an admission the modifiers aren't working

There’s allready one for bouncing around arms race ideas :wink:

Why not start one on how to make the main game/season 1 better :innocent:
I would do it but I’m on my phone :joy::joy: and doesn’t really matter who starts the topic (I made one for QoL changes and it was pretty successful but don’t know if GBX caught up on it or used it)

I think this is the pinnacle of Socratic method: starting dialogue with (and criticizing :slight_smile: ) yourself.


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You’re killin’ me… :smirk:

That would require more than one thread to have any meaningful brainstorming sessions. I will need to give it some thought before I try to tackle one of the many sub-topics that just the “main game” topic engenders. Then I will need to come up with the correct OP thread wording to create a constructive environment to solicit brainstorming ideas (versus either rants or raves regarding the current state of things), and then I will need to come up with a few ideas on the final topic itself just to kick things off. :thinking:

Arms Race and Mayhem Modifiers both seem to already be covered. I think that annointments as a topic has been beaten to death, but maybe it would be worthwhile to gather constructive ideas all in one place (assuming no one else has done so, at least recently). Technical bugs/issues are completely out of my purview (and are probably better suited for the other boards).

I suppose a reasonably easy topic might be a review of current endgame content and brainstorming ideas on how to expand/enhance/prolong the endgame experience (something a little less Viagra-ish than say, just adding OP levels and increasing level caps - not that those can’t be fun, mind you, but the limits to their staying power are well known… :wink: ). Give me a few days to think about it to see if my creative muse inspires me to anything.


I know, right? Some days it just feels like I am talking to myself… :roll_eyes:

A good topic needs time :wink:

Also you’re not alone :innocent: that’s what these forums are for hehe bouncing around ideas and hoping GBX picks up on it.

Yes that’s exactly what I’m doing. But the would change based on what I was trying to do.

I made a post like 3 weeks ago talking about what I would change about the modifiers. They aren’t perfect but they add an interesting dynamic to the game that can potentially be both fun and beneficial to me as a player.

It’s not that most modifiers aren’t fun, it’s that they are all take an no give. If a modifier gave you a boost in some way while also making the harder in another way it would be just fine to keep them, because now you want to min/max your modifiers along with your build.

So you have more than, like 2 guns you can use. Like what happened with m 2.0 in the beginning. Scaling enemies without weapons would be utterly disastrous.

it would actually be increasing difficulty
the poor balance is a completely different topic since the overall health is still increasing more than the weapons damage
you wouldnt use an echo in mayhem 1 nor in mayhem 10

It would just create bulletsponges and create an even worse set of issues from weapon balance, action skill damage, ammo economy etc. It would be downright irresponsible for gbx to do this.

its already increasing bulletsponges while further increasing power creep of already op weapons due to the effects of multiplication

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I dont understand. Weapon scaling would offset hp bloat.

HP increases by over 1000% to mayhem 10 while weapon damage only increases by 250%

Okay, you are suggesting to get rid of the 250 percent increase in weapon damage right?

yes, together with all the completely inbalanced action skill, melee, pet and what ever skill damage that was delivered after the devs realized that weapons do not automatically increase that XDDDD
that would bring back most balance to the game
i have made a reddit post a while ago where i tried to calculate down the HP increase to the situation where weapons have no mayhem level and the “difficulty” will stay the same
the planned “progression” that these 10 different gear levels were supposed to deliver just never existed so its all a huge waste of resources

Okay, you are saying reduce the hp bloat on enemies then and dont scale weapons ?

exactly that

Okay, but the problem with hp bloat is that every weapon has to be tested by hand . ., which is what I’m doing for my mod. It’s very time consuming and gbx would never do it. Like I said, you have to be all in with hp bloat and that includes hand testing and rebalancing from the ground up. Every single thing.

thats a problem for itself
appreciate your effort
but i doubt official mod support will be a thing anytime soon

I agree its an admission that they aren’t working in the current form, but still like the concept of mayhem.

My thoughts are that mayhem mode needs to focus on coolness and fun, and this comes down to redesigning all enemies in mayhem mode.

  • Fanatics and Psychos will split into Tinks upon death
  • Goliaths will grab VHs and do a Zangeif style spinning piledriver if they get close.
  • Skags have lazer cannons on their backs
  • Ratch mutate into ninjas in half shells after eating other ratch
  • Maliwan call down mech titanfall style
  • Guardians fuze together voltron style

As mayhem level increases, increase the number of mayhem enemies, and make them drop extra loot.

I don’t want mayhem locked gear. I don’t want health scaling on enemies. I want more going on and have the option for players who don’t want it to be able to opt out without missing out on gear.

The main benefit of mayhem mode is you can break the rules of the universe purely for the fun of it


I really like the idea of tougher and more enemies.

I kinda liked the cartel stuff where mobs would drop in (a shame they where just boring reskins though)

Also a healing drone I wouldn’t mind (the invulnerable drone is broken and clipping through walls all the time) that would give you incentive to kill it or the enemy (or risk having them come back to haunt you later)

So much cool stuff they could do but still bother us with broken and boring crap

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