Mayhem 2.0 complete failure?

I have went from playing a few hours a day to a few hours a month, 2.0 has ruined the game completely for me,

Its the modifers the most but weapon scaling seems moronic.

Ive spent more time on the fourm than the game and a lot of players feel similar.

Does anyone actually like mayhem 2.0 ?


no :grinning:


“Is Mayhem 2.0 a complete failure?”



I’d rather have Mayhem 1.0


IMO the game was much better prior to Mayhem 2.0. That patch and the subsequent hotfixes ruined the game for me.


Seems like they should have just added Mayhem 5 and eventually M6 in the old system and focused on weapon buffs for underused weapons.

I don’t think anyone asked for the random.modifiers since that is the only thing hated about the old M1-3


yea, i really dont get how they dont get it


Not only is m2.0 a failure but it has destroyed the gaming experience of not only myself but the group I ran with and countless others . I’m not doing those modifiers and if I don’t play the modifiers I don’t get the good gear I drop over 100 bucks for a game that needs silly modifiers.


Honestly, I went back and played my FL4K the other day to finish DLC 2. Set it to M1 with lootsplosion on, used M0 weapons with no annoints allowed and the game was fun again. That and my pet/Gama flak build actually worked lol. Just shows they had it right before they tried to “improve” lol


I have stopped playing my main, for a variety of reasons including M2 and the potential level cap Increase.

Going back and playing a character not affected by the mayhem level and not invested in the end game reminds me how good the game can be.

In the end the minuscule fragment of the player base represented on the forums don’t matter. The question is what has the push to M2.0 done for the metrics GBX tracks across the entire player base and I don’t think we have any idea what that looks like.


No from me.

10 Levels of Mayhem is too,… disorganized.

Adding weapon scaling,… the only reason it was needed was because of TEN LEVELS OF MAYHEM,… you know if it was cut to 5 and did not have weapon scaling,… we would have hard content that appeases the meta and non meta can still get gear at M4+, a perfect idea thrown in the trash and caused more work for the developers,… lol.

You have matchmaking system that relies on all this crap to be selected to join a game. People are ‘trying’ to matchmake,… but “no body around wants to do Mayhem level 7 Trial of Ferver,… sorry Karl you can’t play online at that difficulty! Git Gud and go to M10.”(pretty much sums it up)

I like the concept of some of the newer modifiers and wish I could select which I play with.
I also understand how they can completely be a mess as well and intrusive to others builds.

Since we can not disable or pick our own modifiers unless we want to roll Yahtzee until the perfect roll is hit,… I say yes,… a complete failure from lack of testing or even realizing the implications of tit for tat and when you make one adjustment,… what else needs to be adjusted,…

TLDR: Complete Failure.


I would call it an epic fail.
I loved Borderlands in general and still enjoyed BL3 considerably.
It all changed with one major patch that was not thought out, impacts all aspects of the game, and turned something that was fun and entertaining into a cluster ****.
The modifiers are mostly crap, very intrusive. The levels and weapon scaling an utter disaster.

I am giving them the benefit of the doubt on Thursday to see if they can pull a rabbit out of their hat.

But that’s it, do or die. If there is not substantial fixes, that will be the final nail in the coffin. I honestly do not understand how they have messed this whole thing up in such a short time :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:


Most games either stay bad after updates or slightly get better slowly over time. BL3 updates have OVERALL made the game much, much worse IMHO. There have been some good changes in the past, but the cons have VASTLY outweighed the pros at this point. Mayhem 2.0 basically rendered all those good updates completely null and void to add insult to injury too if you ask me. I see no world in which BL3 gets back on track to being anywhere near as solid as pre mayhem 2.0 anytime soon if it ever does granted how long mayhem 1.0 took to get into a completely enjoyable state for me personally.

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LMAO at all the complaints about 2.0. I’ve lost count of all the threads on this issue. :joy:

There’s no way they’re testing this stuff before we get it. All the optimization patches and this still runs like crap on PS4. All the insane amount of particle effects causing crashes with these ridiculous modifiers.

Just have to sit back and marvel at how completely out of touch they are with their consumers.


It’s complete crap.

I was adjusting to MH1 and all it needed was tweaking. Perhaps a slider to increase KNOWN positive attributes with a corresponding and balanced negative consequence.

For now I’m done with it. Just downloaded all the Destiny 2 packs I haven’t bothered with and heading back there.

Gearbox; if you’re listening??? You guys let me know when you get your shot together and fix your game.

It’s not worth my time.

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I don’t like mayhem 2.0. I do like some of the modifiers like the death modifier or the elemental pools or spinners, they add an extra layer of difficulty without restricting the player. I hate the element immunity modifiers, the damage nerfing modifiers etc. Mods that nerf the player aren’t fun. It might improve with better weapon scaling.

It boggles my mind that they didn’t scale weapon damage even though they buff hp now by 10000%. I don’t have much hope for the next patch because many of the buffed single target weapons are still utterly pointless to use.

I enjoyed it more than original Mayhem. I went from using M1 as a means to simply make Normal scale to actually playing on M4 for fun.

Wen I use a certain build with certain weapons, yes I kinda like it. But as soon as I get off the rails it’s not fun anymore so it’s becoming boring quickly.
I miss going around with a sub par Stagecoach (cause it was the best I could find) or a Hellwalker (cause I frigging love it) and being able to complete everything in a decent amount of time…
Now it’s meta or nothing, and the meta weapons are too few.

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Not that I particularly want to defend Mayhem 2.0, but that’s surely a problem for the highest levels and I don’t think that in itself is a flaw. In the lower Mayhem levels you can still use sub-par gear, but e.g. M10 is supposed to be for the best gear and builds only. If you can rock it with sub par equipment then it’s probably not offering the challenge it should