Mayhem 2.0 is a dead end

Was thinking today how much of a dead end M10 is.

If they do release UVHM, would they have to scale enemies to the ridiculous 12500% stats of M10 since we now have gotten guns scaled to that level?

How will they fix all the legacy guns and gear that isnt the new M6+ exclusives? The majority of the old Legendaries are now obsolete in M10. You can’t really buff them to m10 because they will become extremely OP while leveling up in story mode.

It would have been so much cleaner have they added a mayhem 5, with 2000% enemy stat bonuses ( so twice as tough as M4), 3 more skill points (to round out to 60), concentrated on fixing and buffing underperforming skills, scaling Fl4ks pets/rakk attack ,Mozes IB and Amaras phase attacks , and possibly introduced a set of modifiers that players can add and remove for bonuses.

So for each easy or medium or hard modifier you add , you would get bonuses to money/xp/drop rates, and maybe even a new currency you can use to reroll annointments.

On top of that, add new enemy types to the mix. Maybe some Mailwan soldiers who can digistruct their own Iron Bears you can target and ahoot of their arm cannons to make easier (a’la Doom Eternal), or mercenary Beast hunters like Fl4k, etc.

For all the effort and time placed into creating the convoluted, messy , confusing , and buggy Mayhen 2.0 they could have instead done something as clean and as simple as this and the game would have been infinitely more engaging and enjoyable in my humble opinion

It’s a shame because I cant even dream anymore. M10 is a one way dead end street and all the old guns , gear, most builds , and almost all direct damage action skills might as well be part of a different , distinct game, such is the disconnect between M10 and the rest of the game.

About the only thing possible is maybe they will scale something like IB to each mayhem level, but its doubtful they will even do that.

Mayhem 10 is a literal dead end with no way to fix or improve.


It is a dead end because it is perfection, and you can’t improve on that.

My lad and I have had our best time on borderlands 3 the last few days. A new challenge, new ways to play and we haven’t laughed so much in ages.


Yeah, this.

I haven’t had as much fun on BL3 as I have since patch for a while haha.
There was no challenge left pre-patch, mobs were one shotted and I had to frantically look for new targets constantly. Bosses died in a matter of seconds.
Just buffing enemy health by 2000% wouldn’t really have done much.

I love the modifiers, especially so Roguelite<3
And I love that I’m not one-shotting mobs, I can finally just look at one mob and shoot for a couple seconds at least.

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Im pretty sure there will be no ultimate vault hunter mode because I’m pretty sure gearbox doesn’t want you to run through the story multiple times anymore .
There was a whole conversation about it when they talked about not adding new vhs.
People stick to one character and basically don’t wanna play though the game multiple times.

I can’t see it to be a thing.
I’m pretty sure grenades are going to be buffed soon, and then they will scale to mayhem as well.

Also, it would be possible to u make shields scale but i am quite sure they won’t cause this would affect gameplay and mayhem overall too much. Integrating action skill in mayhem scaling takes out the challenge entirely because it would be pretty much overkill on a lot of skills. I think the way Gearbox is going to approach this is by buffing the action skills in general. Maybe they will make class mods that are more viable in high mayhem levels and also grant build diversity.

I personally think mayhem 2.0 can be huge if some new modifiers are added in to make it actually tougher.
An idea for a modifier I had yesterday been that bosses and rare enemies can spawn in a random location, sometimes two can spawn at the same time.
They will be attached to mob crowds.

This way you happen to come by certain bosses more often.
While this would work on some bosses that cant apply for all the bosses.
For example Tyreen is out 100% certain cause of her animations and on enemys like Mouthpiece or Gigamind for example that can apply.
Troy would be possible, but then they need to find a way work around some animated moves.

But overall i must say Mayhem 2.0 is pretty easy going.
You can just go higher and higher especially farming the new gear or just visitng pandora u can find great stuff there like the Hyperfocus.


They can set the scaling to any value they want. What makes you so convinced that action skill damage would be overkill?

Not to mention your suggestion of blanket buffs to action skills would then trivialize the game for those of us playing on lower mayhem levels.

Man im smashing it on mayhem 8 already and i have barely any god roll or anything.
If they further would buff my action skill interactions i would not enjoy my build anymore.

They can set any values u are right but every skill tree needs to be affected somehow by mayhem in ur case and i dont see that kind of scaling happening.

There is a lot of scaling abilitys already any buff on that would completely break 90 % off endgame builds

I must admit it is kinda silly finally they fixed iron bear and now its useless, as well as fl4ks pets that now are even more useless and the sentinel from Zane is also useless.

I think the solution is to work based on this facts and make it work on higher mayhem modes with specific class mods or maybe integrating classmods into mayhem more in general.

The things that don’t work are easy to point out and I guess we can get good solutions in different ways.

I just don’t see that happening. You don’t need to agree its just i don’t think they will change that in the way you believe they will.

You cant expect any update on that anyways until next month and who knows maybe ur expectation might be to high

I dunno man, I use phasaecast as Amara, and I reckon I’ve got almost every possible buff for action skill damage, plus phasezerker COM, and even at high rush stacks, its damage is only “OK”. And that’s at mayhem 2.

How is that different now in M10? Mobs are getting one shotted too. Bosses die in a matter of seconds. Shall we call it fail?

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This is endgame use the right annointeds for ur build.
Maybe change up the build seems to be wacky cause amara is smacking it rn.

Well cartel is a new challange.
Maybe use hard modifiers. xD

It’s M10. There is HARD and VERY HARD mods already.

Are there any anointments that increase action skill damage? Not that I can see, they seem specifically made to buff other stuff when using your action skill. I’ve got those, and it’s strong, but I’m specifically talking about action skill damage.
I would like it if things like phasecast, rakk, iron bear, etc, did more than just proc anointments, and did nice damage too, like they do during levelling.

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I am more on board with you than most here. I do enjoy the new challenge, but it pigeonholed every build to guns ONLY. Actions skills are trivial in damage now. All of the buffs the gave IB in the last month went down the drain. There is no realm of possibility that Fl4k’s pets will ever kill something again. Grenades are now utility items only.

Honestly I liked OP levels much more. If there was no gauntlet involved to unlock OP levels like there was in BL2, I think it was a better system. In OP levels weapons, grenades, artifacts, COM’s, artifacts and action skills all scaled.

While this would have made for quite a bit more re-farming, I think the end result would have offered more.


No, enemies don’t need any stat bonuses. At all. They already do more than enough damage and had more than enough health in M4. Now, there are methods to improve them but further scaling is not the way.

When they released M2.0 I went straight to M10 Private Beans. I’ve had more than enough time to look at his behavior and 90% of the time he was just staring at me. Similar things can be said for the majority of the game, players just don’t notice because from 10 mobs you still usually have 5 that shot at you with stormtrooper accuracy.

Higher mayhem levels should improve enemy behavior. E.g. make them more aggressive, let them switch to a SR instead of trying to spray down the VHs with SMGs from long range… the list goes on. This would make things more difficult without causing any scaling issues.

Yeah, they need to figure this out nothing to argue about that actually.

It just doesn’t seem realistic to make it bound to mayhem.

As I said, I think there are better approaches to this topic.

Why not? Gun damage is bound to mayhem (well, gun drops, that is).

Well they have to buff enemy health and shields and armor if we get more skill points , otherwise they wont provide much of a challenge at all. With my current build there is no way I can play on M4 or below because enemies dont last a second .

Regardless of adding new mechanics or not , if they add skill points they have to make the enemies tougher to balance it

Yes gun drops.
But tell me what’s your way of boosting skill trees cause basically as i said every skill tree needs to take advantage somehow of a new mechanic.
This would require tons of work and i think you want to see results fast cause players are inpatient.

Class mods can’t spawn with anoints but a way to integrate all the class mods is by giving them better stats or to buff specific percs even more with special interactions.

I can imagine tons of ways this can apply.

But for fl4ks pets for example they need to get the pets right in the first place.
They were useless before mayhem 2.0, execpt for reviving you and with the new guradian healer perk second wind is no problem anymore.

They got Moze right just before the patch now every change was meaningless?
I don’t think so actually.
The guys there know what they are doing.

Dont you think they are aware of all that in some way or do you really think gearbox lost their mind.

My man please pay attention

This was two exchanges ago.
All I’d like is a some kind of formula that scales action skill damage similar to how gun damage is scaled with mayhem.

But then Fade away would be ridiculously broken as well as iron bear and phasegrasp is going to be even more useless what do you do about that?